Decorating The Bathroom For The Winter Holidays

Winter is coming quickly! Now is the time to make your home more merry and bright. You may already be planning to decorate common areas such as your living room and dining room with festive winter decorations, but why stop there? Your bathroom could use a little cheer, as well. These happy holiday decorations will help make this small but important part of your house more in sync with the season.

Seasonal Towels

Seasonal and holiday towels make it fun to get out of the shower. Holiday towels typically come in colors specifically for the occasion, while winter towels come in blue, white, silver and gray. This variety means homeowners can choose the best colors for their bathroom. Red and green towels tend to look best in bathrooms with earthy decor and bold colors, while white and blue towels are ideal in bathrooms with lighter, more neutral colors. Some homeowners set out seasonal towels just for decoration and use regular towels for everyday use. If this is the case in your household, be sure to match the seasonal towels and everyday towels so they won’t clash when they’re set side by side. Give your seasonal towels a prominent position in your bathroom by folding them nicely on built-in shelves or by rolling them up in an attractive basket on your sink.

Winter Candles

Winter candles come in a range of colors and designs. One nice candle with an attractive silver candle holder is a classic way to make your bathroom seem warm and inviting on a cold winter night. If you plan to burn your candles, use scented wintery-waxes that smell of gingerbread, apple cider or pine forests. Fully enclosed candle holders are best for burning candles in the bathroom, to prevent the wax from melting all over your countertop. To make your bathroom more romantic, use tealight candles in floating holders with fresh holly. Line candles on your window sill or on the back of your bathroom sink. Keep them lit during special holiday events. If you’re expecting younger guests or if you have little ones at home, keep lit candles up and out of the way.

White Flowers

White roses. Baby’s breath. White lilies. Beautiful white flowers freshen your bathroom and add a charming, wintery touch to your bathroom space. To make your flowers more overtly wintery, contain your flowers in a winter-themed pot or vase. If decorating with freshly cut flowers, use flower food to keep the blooms alive for as long as possible, or grow your own flowers indoors. Paperwhites are easy to grow inside and are popular at the holidays. These delicate flowers grow nicely in peat moss and last for weeks. Plant your blossoms in the late fall to have winter and holiday blooms.

Winter or Holiday Potpourri

No room benefits from potpourri quite like the bathroom. When selecting a winter potpourri, look for a seasonal container (for example: a cookie tin, a winter-themed basket or a fancy chalice). Potpourri containing materials such as citrus, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon can help your bathroom smell like the baking food that people enjoy. Refresh your potpourri monthly to keep its refreshing scent and appearance.

Glass Jar or Vase With Ornaments

Fill a glass jar or vase with ornaments, colored seasonal beads, berries or other objects that remind you of the winter season. Put this on the back of your toilet, on your sink countertop or in another easy-to-see place in your bathroom. If positioning the vase or jar on top of a ceramic surface such as the toilet, place a non-slip pad beneath the object to prevent it from sliding. This is a good way to make use of old glass ornaments that you no longer put on your tree.

Seasonal Shower Curtain

A seasonal shower curtain can completely change the appearance and character of your bathroom during the winter months. When looking for a winter shower curtain, search for pictures of snowmen, snowflakes and wintery scenes with snow-capped trees. If seeking something a little more holiday-themed, consider red and green plaid or a shower curtain featuring ornaments in a pattern.

Mini Christmas Tree

Nothing says "winter holidays" quite like a mini Christmas tree. Set up a little Christmas tree on your bathroom counter and decorate it with small ornaments and a string of battery-pack holiday lights. A real tree will fill your bathroom with a fresh scent, but don't forget to water it regularly.

Some Tips

When trying to decide how to decorate your bathroom for winter, these tips will help: 

  • Put away your normal decor.

This prevents your shelves from becoming cluttered, and attracts more attention to your seasonal decorations. 

  • Match the colors to the color of your bathroom.

Seasonal decorations are much more effective and attractive if they’ve been matched to the walls, floors and other colors in your bathroom. 

  • Sometimes less is more.

          One or two seasonal decorations can make your point without being too obvious.

Have Fun!

More than anything else, decorating your bathroom should be fun. Take input from other family members, browse catalogs and try new decorations with each season. Challenging yourself to do better each year will make decorating your bathroom with seasonal decorations even more fun.

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