Ideas For No-Threshold Shower Designs

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the hottest modern shower designs available in today’s market, consider the appeal of the no-threshold shower. A curbless design that extends the bathroom’s floor space seamlessly into the shower area, a no-threshold shower does away with the typical edging or curbing found around a bathroom shower and offers a flat, continuous bathroom surface instead. It’s one of the trendiest shower remodel ideas today — and one that only seems to be gaining in popularity. What exactly makes a curbless shower a worthwhile addition to a new bathroom or bathroom remodel? What are the pros and cons of this design, and how do you know if it is right for you? To help you answer these questions, here’s a look at some information about one of the coolest shower remodel ideas in today’s market.

Benefits of No-Threshold Showers

Browse design magazines or the Internet for no-threshold showers, and you’ll find they offer a long list of benefits, including:
  • Contemporary feel:

    There’s no doubt about it — a no-threshold design is a sleek and modern option in modern shower designs. When used in a modern bathroom design, it enhances the overall aesthetics and creates an eye-catching look.
  • Increased functional space:

    Because a no-threshold shower doesn’t require a ledge around its base, it can be placed differently than a traditional design. In some cases, this means it can extend usable space in the bathroom, whether that means more floor space or storage.
  • Greater accessibility:

    For people who are disabled or looking to age in place, a seamless shower floor is a great choice. It eliminates the need to step up and over a ledge, giving greater accessibility to daily showers.
  • Option for glass doors or open concept:

    Showers without thresholds can be designed to have glass doors or partitions, or they can be open concept, with no doors at all. This gives homeowners numerous possibilities for creating an ideal bath.
  • Two drain design options:

    There are also two drain options for no-threshold designs. One is a trench drain that goes where a door or curb would have gone, and the other is a center drain with the floors slightly sloping toward it, encouraging water to flow there.

The Downsides to Consider

Despite the clear benefits that come from putting a curbless shower into a bathroom remodel, there are also a few downsides to consider, such as:
  • Initial investment:

    Because installing a seamless shower requires thorough planning and designing, it often demands a larger upfront investment than a typical design. While this may be worthwhile for the homeowner who is looking to achieve a specific aesthetic, it can be a turnoff for others.
  • Size constraints:

    A curbless shower may add functional bathroom space, but it also can take more space than a traditional shower. This is because it needs sufficient surrounding space, away from cabinets or fixtures, to prevent damage from splashing.
  • No bathtub:

    If the bathroom where you install a no-threshold shower is the only bathroom in the house, you could turn off future buyers with children, who need a tub. You also lose the option to take baths in that space, which could be a downside depending on your needs.
The biggest questions to ask yourself when weighing the pros and cons of a seamless shower are about your lifestyle, needs and future goals. By thinking through the benefits and downsides of a shower without a threshold, you’ll be better equipped to make your choice.

How Modern Shower Designs Add Value to the Bathroom

In today’s marketplace, it’s no surprise that modern bathroom designs are popular. Today’s homebuyers love seeing sleek, contemporary designs in the bath — whether they’re looking at new builds or remodels. No matter if you go with a fully tiled bathroom and an open-concept shower or you separate the curbless shower with a glass partition or full wall, you can count on modern design standing out with a no-threshold look.

Finding the Right Curbless Shower for Your Home

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