Common Shower Storage Options: Weighing The Pros And Cons

You may step into it naked, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring anything with you into the shower. Even if you’re not the type to use shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions or potions, you’ll still need somewhere to keep your bar of soap while you bathe. Because most of us need a bottle of shampoo, a razor or a mirror in the shower, the question of shower storage becomes an important one. There are a lot of options for bathroom storage in the shower, but each one has unique advantages and disadvantages. If you’re remodeling your bathroom or just can’t find a place for that bar of soap, here are some of the pros and cons of the most common types of shower storage options.

Option No. 1: Suction Cups

The bath section of your local department store or hardware store probably has no shortage of baskets, hooks and shelves that adhere to your shower walls with suction cups.
  • Pros:

    These are the most inexpensive options overall, and their popularity means you can find them in a variety of styles and colors that will help them fit reasonably well into your current bath décor. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, these can be a good temporary option for keeping your most important items in the shower. They’re also the easiest to install — just stick them against the wall and you’re done.
  • Cons:

    Suction cups don’t always work as well as you want them to, especially if your shower walls are textured. Even if your shower walls are perfectly smooth, suction cups will eventually begin to slide and slip.

Option No. 2: Tension Rods

Many shower storage options feature tension rods with hanging baskets. These generally fit in the corner of your shower.
  • Pros:

    Also relatively inexpensive, these storage systems allow for some flexibility in where the baskets or shelves sit, making them good for showers that need a lot of storage space.
  • Cons:

    Unlike suction cups, these systems require a bit of work to install them properly. Too little tension and your shelves will topple over onto you while you’re showering. Too much tension and you could damage your ceiling or shower. What’s more, tension rods are made of metal and don’t offer much variation in the way of style, so if you don’t like the looks of them, they’re not the best choice.

Option No. 3: Hanging Showerhead Baskets

In many cases, a simple basket hung over the showerhead is all that’s needed in terms of shower storage. These baskets can be found in many configurations, from simple to deluxe models that include shaving mirrors and soap dishes.
  • Pros:

    These couldn’t be easier to install — just hang them and you’re all set. Their position hanging on the showerhead also means everything you need will be right in front of you when showering.
  • Cons:

    Hanging baskets sometimes require you to do a balancing act with your toiletries. Removing a heavy shampoo bottle from one side, for example, might cause the basket to swing in the opposite direction. Although some models feature suction cups or other means of adding some stability, it might not work well, depending on how many items you need.

Option No. 4: Built-In Nooks

Many modern bathroom remodeling projects include adding recessed nooks in the walls of the shower to provide built-in space for essential items.
  • Pros:

    Because they’re part of your shower walls, these nooks should look like they belong in your bathroom. Plus, because they’re built into the wall, they won’t eat up any of your precious shower stall space.
  • Cons:

    These need the help of a professional remodeler to turn into a reality, because they need to be properly designed to ensure water won’t get into the walls. They’re also permanent, meaning that if you run out of space for your essentials in these nooks, you’re back to square one.

Option No. 5: Built-In Shelves

Another popular option when remodeling a bathroom is the addition of corner shelves that are built into the walls of the shower.
  • Pros:

    Building shelves into your shower means you can determine how much storage space you’ll have, and they will all match your bathroom’s décor. You also can make sure that each member of your family has his or her own shelf.
  • Cons:

    These shelves can make a smaller shower stall feel even more cramped, and you won’t have as much flexibility as you would with temporary shower storage options.
The last thing anyone wants to do once the hot water is running is realize he or she has to step out of the shower dripping wet to grab some essential item from a bathroom storage cabinet. Ultimately, determining the right shower storage for your bathroom depends on your needs and preferences. Consider the above list of shower storage pros and cons as a helpful starting point.

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