Top Tips For Decorating Your Bathroom

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new bathroom or renovating an existing space in your home, when you want the biggest bang for your buck with bathroom décor, you want to keep an eye on the latest bathroom trends. What’s hot right now in modern bathroom style? What modern bathroom trends should you keep in mind when you’re shopping for new features? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the top bathroom tips worth knowing:

  1. Choose a theme. The best bathroom designs are cohesive. In other words, they stick to a specific theme throughout their colors, features and finishes. Before you start choosing new pieces for your bathroom, take time to think about your style. Do you want a country look? Something bright and modern? Explore different designs in magazines and online, and know what look you like.
  2. Save energy. Finding ways to practice sustainability in the bathroom is more than trendy; it’s also a great way to cut costs. While eco-friendly features like WaterSense faucets and vanities made of sustainable wood require an initial investment, they pay you back with savings over time. What’s more, they add to your home’s appeal when it comes time to sell.
  3. Brighten up. Natural light is great, but at night, or in bathrooms with small windows, you need alternate lighting options. Install sconces on either side of the mirror to add illumination to your morning routine. Likewise, pick a dramatic light fixture to brighten and add style to your bathroom space.
  4. Maximize storage. Another valuable bathroom feature is storage space. Look for ways to maximize it in your bathroom, by choosing a vanity instead of a pedestal sink if you have enough room for one, for example. Likewise, consider floating shelves for a way to add storage without taking floor space. Add baskets or totes to create places to keep items you need in the bathroom.
  5. Create a focal point. If you have the space to incorporate a freestanding tub, use it as a focal point for the bathroom. Tubs come in various styles, from classic claw-footed to more streamlined, sculpted options. What’s more, they add the kind of luxury feature that turns a bathroom into more of a retreat.
  6. Go crafty with cabinetry. You have so many options for a bathroom vanity, including single or double, modern or traditional, wood or other materials. Some people even repurpose vintage furniture to hold their sinks and plumbing. Explore the options to find a style that fits you and reinforces your theme.
  7. Find floors that last. The best bathroom floors are slip-resistant, long lasting and attractive. With that in mind, look into tile or stone that’s honed for more traction.
  8. Add your touch. Whether it’s the artwork you hang on the walls or the shower curtain that you pick, there are lots of ways to reflect your personality in your decorating. To make the bathroom your own, don’t be afraid to add your personal touch.

When you want to create a modern bathroom that stays in style, use the eight bathroom tips above to get started! Be sure to shop our website to find the best deals on everything from vanities to mirrors. Modern Bathroom is proud to offer factory-direct deals that save you up to 70 percent of traditional costs, as well as free shipping straight to your home.

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