10 Ways To Best Use Your Bathroom Space

Whether you’re trying to make your master bath feel more luxurious or your powder room feel less cramped, there are a lot of ways to expand the sense of space in a bathroom. From the colors you choose to the kind of lighting in the space, a variety of factors can influence the overall perception of comfort and spaciousness.

How can you make the most of your bathroom design? What are some ways to enhance the usefulness of limited square footage, while improving visual effects — such as by incorporating mirrors? To help answer these questions, here are 10 ways for improving bathroom spaces, and improving bathroom storage:

  1. Rethink the Door. A traditional door may seem like the obvious choice, but have you thought about the fact that it takes away square footage with its need to swing in and out of the room? Change the door so that it swings out into the hallway if possible, or consider replacing it altogether with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall.
  2. Paint Neutral. Brighter is better when it comes to the feel of a room’s size. While dark colors tend to shrink the feel of a room, bright colors open it up and make it feel airier. Go with light, soft neutrals throughout.
  3. Go Monochromatic. Even if your walls are all white, if your fixtures are black or the floor is green, you’re missing an opportunity. Make everything monochromatic to create one clear visual effect. Using a single, neutral color throughout the bathroom will make the most of its space.
  4. Think Small. When you want your bathroom to feel big, you have to think small — with your fixtures, that is. Instead of a full-sized vanity with a cabinet, opt for a pedestal sink. Instead of the largest light faucet, opt for one suited to the sink. Choosing items that are proportionate to your space will make a big difference in the overall look.
  5. Brighten Up. Windows can make a big difference regarding how a room feels, largely because of how they let in light. The same is true of unnatural light. You can apply this principle to your bathroom design by incorporating as much light as possible. Aim to have a light over the shower/tub, lights on both sides of the vanity, and a ceiling light at the very least. Look into recessed lighting for the ultimate space-saving brightener.
  6. Use Mirrors. The beauty of mirrors is that they can bounce light throughout the room, enhancing its beauty and sense of space. Instead of a small mirror above the vanity, try extending the mirror all the way to the ceiling. Instead of just one mirror, look for ways to incorporate other mirrors into the space.
  7. Use Glass. Shower curtains are standard fare in modern bathrooms, but glass enclosures may be a smarter choice. Because the enclosure is see-through, it offers an uninterrupted view throughout the bathroom, making it feel larger instead of smaller with the shower sectioned off.
  8. Consolidate Where You Can. One of the fastest and most effective ways to make a room feel larger is by minimizing what’s inside it. Rather than both a shower and a tub, could you get by with just a shower, for example? Consolidate where you can to open up more space.
  9. Create Better Bathroom Storage. Think strategically about where you store items in your bathroom. Could you use space above the doorway? Is there unused vertical space where storage would make sense? Consider open shelving, or cabinetry with open storage that allows you to showcase attractive items such as hand towels or pretty toiletries.
  10. Declutter, Top to Bottom. It should almost go without saying, but clutter is your nemesis when it comes to making rooms feel larger. Get rid of all but your most essential knick-knacks, toiletries and other bathroom products — or, at the very least, get them out of sight. The more open space a bathroom has, the larger it will feel.

When you want to make the most of the space in a bathroom, use these 10 tips. By painting with neutral colors, consolidating where you can, decluttering and thinking strategically, you can expand the sense of comfort and spaciousness in your room.

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