Shower And Tub Or Shower-Tub Combo: The Great Debate

Any time you’re remodeling a bathroom, the question is bound to come up: should you install a shower-tub combination or a separate tub and a walk-in stall? Most often, in a master bath, they’re separated (although sometimes not). Though often in a small main bathroom, you’ll find a shower-tub because it’s been considered more versatile. What are the pros and cons of the different options? If you don’t have room for both a shower and a tub, would it make sense to have just one or the other? How do you choose? To help answer these questions, here are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  1. What Works Best for You. Do you like to take showers or baths? What about the other members of your household? If you like being able to take baths, would you enjoy having a big soaker tub? If so, is there room to work it in the bathroom’s layout? Consider what space you have to work with and compare that with your preferences. Knowing what you and your family will use is key in the decision process. When you’re trying to decide, go with what works best for you, not what someone else says is a good idea.
  2. Budget and Space Constraints. Installing separate fixtures is typically more costly than installing a one-piece combination, so if budget is a big consideration, find out what you can afford. Likewise, if your bathroom is too small for separate fixtures, you may have to stick with either a walk-in shower or a combination.
  3. Potential Resale Value. While what works for you should be the top consideration when remodeling, it’s OK to think about resale value, too. Talk to real estate professionals and compare the value of different options in homes in your area. Which modern bathroom styles would yield the greatest potential resale value?
  4. What Families Like. If the bathroom is your house’s only bathroom, you will probably want a tub of some kind — either in a combination or by itself. That’s because, even if your household doesn’t prefer baths, potential buyers will likely include families, and families will typically want tubs for kids.
  5. More Uses for More People. Having a separate shower stall and tub allows for two people to be cleaning up at the same time, one in the walk-in stall and one in the soaker tub. This is why it’s a nice feature for master bathrooms that are often shared by two people.  

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