Finding Storage Space In Your Bathroom Can Be A Challenge

Whether it’s the master bathroom, a powder room or a single bathroom in your small house, finding sufficient bathroom storage space can be tricky. Cramped spaces often lack enough bathroom cabinets for housing toiletries, paper products and other bathroom necessities. The basic items you need to get ready every morning won’t fit into your room. What can you do if you’re lacking room for linen storage and other items? When does it make sense to remodel your bathroom, and when does it make sense to make do with what you’ve got? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at a few key tips to keep in mind when your little bathroom has insufficient space for storage:

  1. Make the Most of the Space You Have. Even the smallest bathrooms can be more functional with a little strategic storage, so before doing anything else, decide if yours is being used to the fullest. Here are some ideas: Consider adding a glass shelf above the sink or above the toilet, in order to keep pretty toiletries on display or other items in eye-catching containers. Add a towel rack to the back of the bathroom door. Mount a high shelf above the entry door, as a place to keep paper products or towels. Place appliance hangers over the inside of cabinet doors to hold blow dryers or curling irons. The bottom line is to find as many creative ways to use your bathroom space as possible.
  2. Store Items Elsewhere. As nice as it is to have extra towels at your fingertips, putting them in a hall closet or laundry room cabinet also works. In order to free more bathroom space, try this and other strategies for storing some bathroom goods out of the bathroom. By paring down your bathroom items to just the necessities, will the current space work?
  3. Change the Pedestal Sink. In some bathrooms, a pedestal sink just doesn’t make sense because there is nowhere to put hair products, cosmetics, etc. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider exchanging the pedestal sink for a vanity with bathroom cabinets. This is precisely why we at Modern Bathroom are committed to providing new cabinets that expand storage space and make your bathroom more functional. Contact us, and we can help you switch a simple sink with a bathroom vanity that can be an easy way to give your room the storage it needs.
  4. Add Other Cabinets. The vanity isn’t the only place where cabinets can add storage. Picture floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets where you’ll be able to store towels, toiletries, toilet paper and more. Add cabinets to other open nooks in the bathroom. At Modern Bathroom, we can create all kinds of bathroom storage solutions to maximize space.

When you’re looking to add cabinets to your bathroom, look no further than Modern Bathroom. Our team of experts can provide the storage solutions you need.

Contact us today to learn more, or visit our North Hollywood showroom and warehouse to view our vanities and other products in person.

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