Finding Storage Space In Your Bathroom Can Be A Challenge

Whether it’s the master bathroom, a powder room or a single bathroom in your small house, finding sufficient bathroom storage space can be tricky. Cramped spaces often lack enough bathroom cabinets for housing toiletries, paper products and other bathroom necessities. The basic items you need to get ready every morning won’t fit into your room. What can you do if you’re lacking room for linen storage and other items? When does it make sense to remodel your bathroom, and when does it make sense to make do with what you’ve got? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at a few key tips to keep in mind when your little bathroom has insufficient space for storage:

  1. Make the Most of the Space You Have. Even the smallest bathrooms can be more functional with a little strategic storage, so before doing anything else, decide if yours is being used to the fullest. Here are some ideas: Consider adding a glass shelf above the sink or above the toilet, in order to keep pretty toiletries on display or other items in eye-catching containers. Add a towel rack to the back of the bathroom door. Mount a high shelf above the entry door, as a place to keep paper products or towels. Place appliance hangers over the inside of cabinet doors to hold blow dryers or curling irons. The bottom line is to find as many creative ways to use your bathroom space as possible.
  2. Store Items Elsewhere. As nice as it is to have extra towels at your fingertips, putting them in a hall closet or laundry room cabinet also works. In order to free more bathroom space, try this and other strategies for storing some bathroom goods out of the bathroom. By paring down your bathroom items to just the necessities, will the current space work?
  3. Change the Pedestal Sink. In some bathrooms, a pedestal sink just doesn’t make sense because there is nowhere to put hair products, cosmetics, etc. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider exchanging the pedestal sink for a vanity with bathroom cabinets. This is precisely why we at Modern Bathroom are committed to providing new cabinets that expand storage space and make your bathroom more functional. Contact us, and we can help you switch a simple sink with a bathroom vanity that can be an easy way to give your room the storage it needs.
  4. Add Other Cabinets. The vanity isn’t the only place where cabinets can add storage. Picture floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets where you’ll be able to store towels, toiletries, toilet paper and more. Add cabinets to other open nooks in the bathroom. At Modern Bathroom, we can create all kinds of bathroom storage solutions to maximize space.

When you’re looking to add cabinets to your bathroom, look no further than Modern Bathroom. Our team of experts can provide the storage solutions you need.

Contact us today to learn more, or visit our North Hollywood showroom and warehouse to view our vanities and other products in person.

What To Consider When Selecting The Finish Of Your Bathroom Faucet

Updating a bathroom is an exciting prospect because you can create the exact look you desire. However, as anyone who has remodeled part of a home would tell you, renovations involve a lot of decisions — including your choice of bathroom faucet finish — and making those choices can be daunting. While at first glance bathroom faucets may seem like a small detail, your specific sink and shower faucets play an important role in finishing the look of your bathroom. Instead of leaving this decision to someone else, think carefully about the shower faucet or the bathtub faucet that goes in your new space.

In a market with countless faucet finishes available, how do you know which to pick? From brushed chrome to polished chrome, stainless steel to bronze, which is the right look for you? What should you keep in mind when selecting bathroom faucets? To help answer these questions, consider the following:

  1. Visit a Showroom. Unless you’re already certain which faucet finish you like best, take the time to explore possibilities. Visit a showroom like our location in North Hollywood to view all the different finishes on display and see if something jumps out at you. Research online and browse magazine images. Exploring the wide range of finishes could help narrow your choices.
  2. Talk with a Designer. A professional designer can do wonders for helping you eliminate finishes that won’t look right in your home. Meet with someone to discuss your overall bathroom project and explore the perfect finishes to coordinate. Backed by some expert support, the decision may become much simpler.
  3. Consider Overall Design. Is your new bathroom going to have a rustic look, a sleek and modern style, or something more traditional? Whatever the answer, look for ways to use the finish to make the same statement. Whether it’s polished brass to create a vintage, classic style or oil-rubbed bronze for a Mediterranean look, your choice of faucet can highlight or detract from your design choices.
  4. Coordinate Finishes. Your bathroom will have a variety of faucets, from the ones at the sink to the one in the bathtub to the one on your showerhead. Choosing black, white, ceramic or steel is your choice — but make sure those choices coordinate among one another, as well as among other surfaces in your bathroom — like towel rods or light fixtures.
  5. Think about Upkeep. When it comes to upkeep, not all finishes are created equal. Some matte finishes are better at hiding water spots and smudges, which is ideal when you have a household of little fingers that want to grab at the waterspouts, for example. Other, shinier options may look lovely but require constant cleaning to look good. Know what will work best for you.

Like most decorating and remodeling decisions, the finishes for your sink faucet, bathtub faucet and so on will largely be a matter of personal preference. However, when you’re stumped in the decision-making process and feeling unsure of what to do, consider the five tips above.

Are you interested in remodeling a bathroom in the Los Angeles area? Let the experts at Modern Bathroom make the process a smooth and enjoyable one.

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2016 Design & Remodeling Trends

When it comes to home remodeling projects, upgrades to the bathroom continue to dominate. With so many resources and options available to the average homeowner, it can be overwhelming to sort through the choices and find the ones that are right for you. The year isn’t quite over, but the 2016 design trends are already making their appearance in magazines, look books, and design websites. If you’re curious about what the New Year has in store for your bathroom décor, check out some of the hottest design trends that are right around the corner.

Modern Metallics

In 2016, metals are expected to come back with full force. Although a little bit of brass crept into the bathroom in 2015, the upcoming year is the perfect time for homeowners to fully embrace metal. Do you have your eye on a metal faucet? Buy it! Always wanted to switch out your cabinet knobs for ones with a metal finish? Go ahead! Along with brass, you’ll also find gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and brushed steel explode in popularity. Take a bold approach and install an oil-rubbed bronze sink, or take it easy and replace only a knob or two. The design choice is yours, but remember- metal is back, and in a really big way.

Trough Sinks

Don’t let the name fool you- trough sinks are far more elegant than they sound. Some refer to them as “double sinks”, or an extra-long sink that’s big enough to serve both you and your significant other should you both be getting ready at the same time. In addition to being large enough for two people to use simultaneously, modern-day trough sinks are handy for those who wish to hand wash larger items, including wool blankets or king sized sheets. Trendsetters and early adopters were installing trough sinks as of late 2015, but the trend is expected to be welcomed by a more mainstream audience in the upcoming year.

Shower Seats

In the past, showers were designed for use by those standing in an upright position. Lately the trend of installing seats in the shower is picking up steam. Whether it’s due to the aging baby boomer population or the fact that most people shower in the morning while they’re half asleep, shower seats are as convenient as they are functional. If you’re installing a shower seat for the seniors in your household, don’t forget to install grab bars in the shower. Although grab bars can be installed just about anywhere, the shower is definitely one of the most popular places for them - especially since the bathroom is a common place for seniors to slip and fall.

Green Plants

Eco-friendly bathrooms made an appearance in 2015, but you can take that concept a step further in 2016 by making your bathroom greener- literally. While you can feature a plant or two in a beautiful vase on the countertop of your bathroom vanity, some prefer to take a bolder approach. If you’re renovating your bathroom (or building your own home) think about adding a full green feature to the space in the form of green walls or indoor gardens. Both are natural ways to improve the air quality of your home. For some advice on which plants are perfect for the bathroom, check out The Best Plants for Your Bathroom.


You’ve heard about Google’s self-driving cars and other advancements in technology, but did you know there’s new technology for your bathroom? If you love to sing in the shower, install a water-resistant music system. These Bluetooth enabled music players can be operated wirelessly, either from smartphones or other audio devices. Plus, there’s plenty of bathroom technology that will make your life easier. For example, Optum VorMax is a new flush system technology that’s being offered by American Standard- not only does it give a powerful flush to your toilet, but it scours and cleans the toilet bowl at the same time.

The Best Cold-Weather Bathroom Luxuries

Whether it’s adding a few extra minutes to your shower in the morning or relaxing in a hot bubble bath after work, there’s no better place to beat the winter chill than in your bathroom. If you’re already experiencing sub-zero temperatures or are just dreading its arrival, it’s time to face the facts- winter is right around the corner. If you’re considering a remodel or are looking to add a few luxuries to your bathroom this winter, here are some of our favorite cold-weather bathroom accessories and fixtures.

Heated Floors

If your toes curl at the thought of scampering across your frigid tile floor after a hot shower or bath, radiant-heat floors are the perfect solution. Typically manufactured as an electric heat mat that’s installed before putting in tile, heated floors are something to consider when remodeling your home- especially if you live in an area that experiences long bouts of cold in the winter. Besides keeping your feet warm as you exit the shower or bath, heated floors can actually help you cut down on your energy usage and save money on your monthly heating bill- just make sure you’re installing hydronic floors.

Heated Towel Rack

Do you love the warmth of clothes and towels fresh out of the dryer? With a heated towel rack, you can experience that same comfort and warmth every time you step out of the shower or bath. While heated floors or a fireplace in the bathroom are luxuries that will set you back, heated towel racks are a luxury that won’t require you to rip up your floor or invest thousands of dollars into your home. They’re easy to install, easy to find, and typically can be found for under $500. So, if you’re tired of cold towels pressing against your skin, install a heated towel rack and say hello to the comfort of warm towels.

Barrel Sauna

Whirlpool tubs are nice, but barrel saunas are even nicer. Although barrel saunas are technically intended to be installed outdoors, we’ll include it on the list as saunas go hand-in-hand with spas. Plus, you can always install a traditional sauna adjacent to your shower or tub if you prefer to enjoy your sauna indoors. While it would surely get the most use during the blustery winter season, a sauna is a year-round luxury that can add value to your home. Additionally, saunas come with their own set of health benefits- saunas can boost your immune system, detox your system, and help relax you from head to toe.

Fireplace in the Bathroom

Although fireplaces are traditionally found in living rooms, dens, and bedrooms, the idea of soaking in a bathtub while a fire glows nearby is gaining popularity. While a wood-burning fireplace in the bathroom may seem like it’s reserved for the ritziest of hotel rooms, it’s something you can easily add into the floorplan of your home if you have control over its design. If you’re purchasing a pre-owned home, don’t worry- there are plenty of gas and electric fireplaces available on the market that can be nestled into an unused corner. No matter what you decide, a bathroom fireplace is a premier bathroom luxury.

Bath Warmer

If you enjoy taking especially long baths, you’re likely frustrated when the water gets cold. While draining some of the colder water and replacing it with hot water is one way to go, don’t you with there was an eco-friendly alternative? Now, there is. Warm On pebbles are sensor-fitted, heat-radiating artificial stones that will maintain the same water temperature for a set amount of time. So, whether you’re taking a ten minute bath or indulging in a half-hour soak, the water will stay the same temperature from start to finish.

Tips for Converting a Tub to a Shower

If you’re thinking about converting your outdated bathtub into the luxurious walk-in shower you’ve always dreamed of, you’re in good company. According to the American Institute of Architects, bathrooms without bathtubs are growing in popularity. In fact, 60 percent of homeowners preferred stall showers to tubs in a 2013 survey. However, there’s a caveat: most real estate agents recommend keeping at least one bathtub in your home to preserve its marketability when you decide to sell your home. So, before you take a sledgehammer to your bathtub, here are some tips for making the process as seamless and affordable as possible.

Measure the Space

Not all showers will fit in the space that’s being occupied by your bathtub, which is why it’s important to measure your bathroom as precisely as possible. Most tubs are 60 inches wide, which is a great width for a shower. Unfortunately, many homeowners typically run into an issue with the depth. You’ll want to aim for at least 32 to 34 inches from the finished tile wall to the future glass shower door. To comply with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s guidelines for bathrooms, you’ll also need to have a finished ceiling height of a minimum of 80 inches and a shower that’s at least 30 X 30 to comply. It’s also important to record the toilet location- a distance of 15 to 18 inches from the center of the toilet to the shower door tends to be comfortable.

If the measurements of your future shower don’t fall in line, you’ll likely need to put your shower in a different location of the bathroom, which will probably require the services of a professional contractor and/or designer.

What about the Shower Door?

Many DIYers forget about the shower door until it’s too late. To avoid the headache that comes along with that, figure out your shower door situation before you plan the renovation. Ask yourself a few questions: where will you put the door in your new shower? Does it interfere with the bathroom vanity or toilet? Will there be enough room to get in and out of the shower with the new shower door? If the walkway from the vanity or toilet to the shower is too tight for a swinging shower door, there are other alternatives available on the market, including glass block walls, sliding doors, and retainer walls. Tip: if the bathroom floor is going to get wet outside the shower, choose a slip-resistant material for the floor.

Take Your Time with Fixtures

Shopping for bathroom fixtures can actually be a lot of fun, as long as you take your time and do your research. Research your options, and keep an eye out for specials and possible out-of-the-box combos. Many first-time DIYers may feel pressure to purchase all their bathroom fixtures and accessories from the same brand, which isn’t a necessity. In fact, many professional designers mix and match fixtures from a few different companies. Since bathroom fixtures are mostly chosen for their aesthetics, as long as they all look great together they’re fair game. Tip: if you’re building a custom steam shower, it should be constructed by someone with at least five years’ experience with vapor proofing.

Lighting & Tile

The key to a polished-looking shower is to consider your lighting and tile options from the very beginning. Make sure to include lights inside your shower, not just outside or around it. Depending on the size and overall design of your shower, one, two, or four lights might look best. When you remove the tub to make room for the new shower, take the opportunity to make sure the light system you chose can be installed like you had planned. Finally, don’t install the tile until you have the finished light sources already in place. Otherwise, it’s difficult to know how any lippage might look, as the lights of a shower are often quite close to the wall which will showcase any mistakes you made while installing tile.

For more information about your lighting and tile options, check out Bathroom Lighting: A Guide and Decorative Tile: A Guide.

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