DIY Bathroom Shower Install Vs. Hiring A Contractor

If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel — one that includes installing a new shower — you’re probably wondering if you can do it yourself, or if you ought to hire a contractor. Read on and we’ll detail the pros and cons of both options so that you can make the right decision.

DIY vs. Contractors

 If you consider yourself handy, then there are a couple of major pros to doing DIY bathroom fixes:

  • Save money on labor costs.
  • Do the work on your own schedule, possibly minimizing disruption around the home.

Even though you’ll pay more for labor with a contractor, contractors have many advantages:

  • They have all the necessary tools, whereas you may need to invest in tools that you might not need after the renovation.
  • DIY projects — because you’re working on them in the evenings after work or on the weekends — normally take far longer than projects completed by a contractor.
  • Are you prepared for contingencies should problems arise? Contractors are equipped to deal with all the problems that could be hidden behind your shower — plumbing that you didn’t know was leaking, subflooring that needs to be replaced, and so on.
  • Good contractors guarantee a professional look, whereas an inexperienced DIYer might make a few small mistakes that stand out, such as oddly cut tiles, fixtures that aren’t level, or finishing details like trim that aren’t quite right.

Working with a Contractor

Working with a contractor is easy. Once you’ve found someone who is within your budget and does excellent work, then it is time to sit with the contractor and hash out deadlines, materials and other details. If there are certain aspects of the job that you can do yourself — like the demolition, painting, tile work and other finishing projects — then let your contractor know in order to save money on the project. You can also opt to buy your own shower and shower hardware at a discount rather than having the contractor make the purchases from his or her suppliers.

The Importance of Remodeling and Knowledgeable Contractors

There are many great reasons to replace a bathroom shower. Obviously, it’s time to remodel if the shower is broken or so worn that it is stained or difficult to clean. In addition, remodeling is the only way that you’ll be able to keep up with interior design trends — an important factor in maintaining a home’s value.

A contractor is one of your best assets when it comes to choosing design styles and themes. These professionals spend each day listening to the needs of their clients, which means that they know which styles are in high demand in your area.

Who Needs a Contractor?

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, almost everyone can benefit from the services of a contractor. The fact is, unless you happen to be a contractor yourself, then it’s quite likely that you’re unaware of all of the issues that could occur. Again, unless you are a contractor, you may not have the tools, experience and knowledge to get the professional results that a contractor can provide.

Where to Purchase Your Shower and Other Fixtures

It sometimes seems like the easiest way to buy a new shower and all the fixtures that go along with it is to shop at your local home improvement centers. However, this comes with a couple of major disadvantages: First, you’ll be locked in to paying retail prices. The second disadvantage is that home improvement centers have a very limited selection. At any given time, you’ll only find a small sampling of showers, tubs, faucets and fixtures.

The better option is to find an online retailer that can give you factory-direct savings and an immense selection. That is where we come in. At Modern Bathroom, you can save up to 70 percent on tubs, showers and other fixtures. Want to learn more? Call 1-888-777-1198 or contact us today.

Selecting Sink Styles To Match Your Home

From modern to traditional, thinking about home style seems obvious when you’re shopping home plans or evaluating different architectural options. However, the overall style of your home actually matters for all aspects of its design, right down to the bathroom sinks. With that in mind, how can you select bathroom sink styles that are right for your home? Whether you’re building or remodeling, here are some tips for picking the best sinks to complement the rest of your residence.

  1. Know Your Style.

    If you’ve already picked fixtures for your kitchen or other bathrooms, start there. What shape, colors, design, etc., of sinks did you pick? If you went with an under-mounted stainless steel kitchen sink that has squared corners, for example, you went with a sleek and modern kitchen sink look. If you have white, decorative pedestal sinks in the powder rooms, you may have a more cottage-like, charming feel. Paying particular attention to the sinks already in place in the home, figure out what style most appeals to you. If, on the other hand, this bathroom will be the first style choice you’re making, browse the Internet or bathroom stores to explore possibilities and determine what look you like best.

  2. Know Your Options.

    Understanding all the possibilities is crucial when you’re trying to determine style preferences. There are under-mounted sinks, set beneath the countertop in a vanity; as well as above-counter sinks, which place a sink directly on top of the counter. Pedestal sinks stand alone, without storage space, but can create a strong statement and a more minimal bathroom look. Other options include one-piece console sinks, vessel bathroom sinks and drop-in sinks, each of which has a distinct look and feel.

  3. Think about Space or Budget Limitations.

    A double vanity won’t fit in a tiny bathroom any more than a pedestal sink will provide sufficient storage space for a huge one. Before picking the sinks for your new bathroom, determine what limitations you are facing. From the room’s square footage to the amount of money you have to invest, knowing your constraints can provide helpful parameters from which to make your decisions.

  4. Choose Colors.

    Looking at the bathroom as a whole, think about what colors and materials you like best. Will you want the color of the countertops to contrast or match the color of the sink? Do you want all the bathroom fixtures to go together? From brushed nickel to stainless steel, there are various different fixtures available, just as there are various colors of sink, from white to black and everything in between. Think about your sink choice in relation to the bathroom as a whole, then consider all the bathrooms in the home. Finally, think about it in relation to your entire home’s sense of style.

Are you building or remodeling a home and looking at bathroom options? Go to Modern Bathroom to browse bathroom sinks of all kinds, such as the glass vessel sink and more. We make it possible for you to save up to 70 percent, while also offering free shipping and a low-price guarantee.

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Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Spring

As the seasons change, so does home decorating — but while replacing a wreath on the front door every season is pretty easy, it’s not always clear how to put a spring touch on a more utilitarian space like the bathroom. You can’t exactly remodel the bathroom vanity fixtures every few months, and repainting the walls every season would get expensive fast. How can you put a fresh touch on your modern bathroom for the new season? Below, consider some ideas for your bathroom this time of year:

  1. Do a Deep Clean. Before redecorating, take a cue from the home tradition spring is most famous for and give your bathroom a good spring cleaning. Getting the bathroom vanity, shower, tub, toilet, tile and light fixtures in gleaming condition is a great way to make the space feel new — ready for your artistic touches.
  2. Change the Artwork. From autumn photographs to red and green Christmas frames, there are lots of ways to use the things you hang on the walls to celebrate the season. In spring, consider hanging photos of green trees, for example, just as in summer you might hang photos of trips to the beach. As long as your modern bathroom walls are neutral, it’s simple to add different accents each season that create a new color scheme. Pick some hues that feel like spring to you, from lots of white to shades of green, and incorporate them into the room’s design. 
  3. Swap Bathmats. Take out the dark, heavy bathmat hues that signaled winter and replace them with lighter, brighter colors for a new spring season. Brightening things up fits with the longer daylight and warmer temperatures of spring, and it turns your bathroom into a cheerier place to spend time. Do the same with your towels and shower curtains — from darks to lights — to make the room feel ready for spring.
  4. Add a New Scent. From the hand soap at the sink to an air-freshening plugin by the counter, there are lots of ways to imbue spring smells in your bathroom to celebrate the time of year. Pick something with a clean smell to highlight what defines this season — something like rain fresh or a floral smell works well.

When you want to give your bathroom a lively spring look, use the tips above to get started. Season touches are a great way to have fun with your home and make it feel more cozy and loved. When little decorating touches aren’t enough to get your bathroom looking good, it may be time for a spring remodel. When it’s renovation that you’re after, come to us at Modern Bathroom for info. From beautiful vanities to modern sinks, we have the bathroom products you need to get your room looking showroom-ready. Contact us today to learn more! 

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Nothing says spring like a good sweeping and scrubbing of all your floors and surfaces — and what spring cleaning would be complete without a thorough bathroom cleaning? A real workhorse in any home layout, the bathroom sees daily use and, along with it, the potential for daily wear and tear. That’s why, even if you’re changing the trash and cleaning the vanity on a regular basis, it’s pretty easy for the bathroom to get dirty fast. What can you do to refresh your bathroom this season? Here’s a cleaning checklist to help make your bathroom shine:

  1. Gather Your Gear. Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t require a long list of products or tools, but you will want to have a few essentials on hand. Gather tools like a toilet brush, toilet cleaner, cleaning cloths or rags, a bucket with warm and soapy water, disinfectant and glass cleaner, for example. 
  2. Start with a Blank Slate. After getting your bathroom cleaning tools ready, step one in giving the bathroom a thorough cleaning is to pare it down to the essentials. Empty the room by removing all towels, bathrobes, washcloths, trashcans, bath rugs, baskets, toiletries, etc., so that surfaces are cleared and ready to be cleaned. Only after you’ve finished scouring everything from top to bottom should you re-introduce daily products and linens into the space.
  3. Empty the Cabinets. Go through the items in your cupboards and drawers, and organize items into trash, donations and things to keep. Wipe the inside of these spaces before putting items back, with everything you want to keep neatly organized. 
  4. Scrub the Sink. Scrub the bathroom sink, paying special attention to little nooks and crevices. Wipe the faucet and handles until they’re sparkling.
  5. Clean the Toilet. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet and remove any rings, stains and other debris. Then, use a cloth to wipe the toilet’s lid, handle, small crevices and underside.
  6. Wipe the Mirror. From spots of hairspray to splatters of water, lots of little things can leave smudges and speckles on your bathroom vanity mirror. Use a good class cleaner with a wipe or paper towel to remove those smudges and make the mirror streak-free.
  7. Clean the Shower and/or Tub. Whether you have a glass-enclosed shower, a shower-tub or a stand-alone tub, clean that part of the bathroom thoroughly. If the shower curtain has mildew or mold, consider replacing it with a new version. 
  8. Mop the Floor. Last but not least, sweep and/or vacuum the floor to remove all crumbs, hair and debris. Wipe baseboards. Get a bucket and a mop and thoroughly clean the floor.
  9. Empty the Trash. The trashcan you removed at the beginning of the cleaning process can now be put back in the bathroom — after emptying the trash. You may also want to wipe the trashcan inside and out.
  10. Return Linens. Once the bathroom is completely cleaned, you can put back the towels, washcloths, bathrobes and other items kept in your bathroom on a regular basis. Also, as a reward for a job well done, consider getting some fresh hand soap or toiletries for a finishing touch.

Getting your bathroom back in pristine condition is a worthwhile undertaking at the beginning of the year, so follow the tips above to tackle this spring-cleaning project at your home! 

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom with more than a fresh cleaning job, talk to us at Modern Bathroom. We specialize in all kinds of bathroom vanities, faucets, sinks, tubs and other fixtures, and we’ll be happy to set you up with the best in new features!

Fixing Up Your Bathroom To Sell Your House

Everybody from your real estate agent to your mother-in-law has probably been telling you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses — but the only problem is that your bathroom isn’t exactly a showpiece in its current state. Even though you understand how important the bathroom is to selling, you aren’t sure what to change. If you decide to take on a bathroom remodel, what are your options? What works best? To make your property as attractive as possible in the minds of buyers, here’s where to focus your efforts:

  1. Fix What’s Broken. Whether it’s a lack of bathroom storage space or a faulty showerhead, when something in the bathroom isn’t in proper working order, that’s a turnoff to potential buyers. You’ve been using the bathroom, so consider what doesn’t work well. Could new bathroom vanities make the room more functional, adding space to store cosmetics and other supplies? Could little shower updates like a new showerhead or new caulking make enough of a difference to make the bathroom impressive? Do you need a new toilet or to replace chipped tile? Start your remodeling project by thinking about what people want to see in sinks, showers, tiling and so on. Then, at the very least, make your bathroom one where everything is fixed.
  2. Out with the Old. Vintage bathrooms can be fun and funky, but if it’s maximum selling power you’re after, be sure to update. Consider remodeling the bathroom from an outdated room into a sleek, modern masterpiece — at Modern Bathroom, we can help you determine how best to move from an old-fashioned look to a contemporary style. Whether it’s by replacing the flooring, refinishing the tile or overhauling the room top to bottom, we’re here to help.
  3. Appearances Matter. When talking about resale value, looks are important. Potential buyers evaluate bathrooms in terms of visuals — the colors, the style, the layout and the fixtures. To capture their interest, pay the most attention to the aesthetics of your bathroom, even more than to the high-end features no one sees. Buyers like to see new cabinets, new vanities, new showers, etc., because updated signals quality and value. If it’s within your budget to take on a complete bathroom remodel, it might be worth doing.
  4. Small Details Matter. While new vanities and new tiling are the kinds of upgrades everyone notices quickly, don’t neglect the little touches like cabinet hardware, sink faucets and bathroom mirror frames. The small details in your bathroom design can either complement or take away from the room’s value — let yours be assets instead of hindrances.

When it comes to replacing bathroom vanities or updating showers, Modern Bathroom is proud to be your No. 1 resource. Backed by years of experience in the industry, we have a team of experts committed to quality on every job — so when you want to take on a bathroom project in the Los Angeles area, come to us.

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