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10 Bathroom Accessories You Need


When it comes to bathroom design, one small change makes a huge difference. Infuse fun functionality into any space with these awesome bathroom accessories. One thing is for sure: Americans love their lavatories. Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we say the bathroom is the backbone. It’s where the day ends and begins — but from a design standpoint, it’s also an oft-overlooked space. Toss a pretty rug on the floor, and most folks call it a day.

Rage Against the Latrine

Why do so many interior designers shy away from sinks, showers, toilets and the like? Maybe bathroom renovations aren’t as romantic as bedrooms or kitchens, but they allow you to create a profound statement. Adding some quality bathroom accessories can make all the difference in a relatively small space. Installing a luxury vanity or stunning antique tub is a decent start, but it’s not enough to achieve that “wow” factor that every homeowner desires. If you’re looking to spruce up a recently renovated bathroom, consider integrating some cool accessories and unexpected fixtures. We’ve assembled a solid lineup of today’s most sought-after “extras” for bathrooms of every size. Some items are cheap, some expensive — but they all deliver on the promise of personality, functionality and organization.

10 Creative Bathroom Accessories You’ll Love Using

10. Waterproof Speaker

Yes, these sound machines have been around for decades — but with huge advances in wireless technology, today’s shower speakers go far beyond your father’s staticky FM station. Connect to any smart device via Bluetooth, and you can listen to playlists, daily podcasts, audio books and so much more. Built-in microphones also allow you to answer calls while the water is still streaming.

9. Bamboo Bath Caddy

When staging a home, designers often drape cozy blankets over the sofa or plush pillows on the bed. Why should our bathtubs go bare? A bamboo bath caddy brings rustic warmth to an otherwise stark, shiny space. Plus, when you finally get around to indulging in a nice soak session, the tray adjusts across the length of the tub to hold your book, iPad, phone, candles, wine glass and more.

8. Automatic Soap Dispenser

Whether you prefer antique charm or sleek, contemporary finishes, nobody can deny the amazing convenience of an automatic soap dispenser. It seems so trivial. So lazy. Yet once you say goodbye to the manual pump, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. For homeowners with big families or constant guests, it’s also a smart way to prevent the spread of germs.

7. Hair Styling Station

If you’re a female short on space, blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners are the bane of your existence. Stray wires and wands create an immediate eyesore. Thankfully, hairdressers banded together to invent an organizational masterpiece in the hair styling station. This funky-shaped storage unit features heat-resistant stainless steel and holes perfectly molded for today’s popular styling tools. Not to mention, it looks pretty chic sitting on your counter.

6. Mini Silicone Squeegees

Hard water, anyone? If you have a stylish mirror or pretty glass to display your intricate tile work, then you probably know the difficulty of dealing with hard water, soap scum and other everyday deposits. Grab a couple silicone squeegees, hang them from a suction cup hook, and behold their charming pop of color (and functionality). Just swipe the blade across any flat surface, and see it sparkle and shine.

5. Heated Bath Mat

If you’re unwilling to splurge on heated floors, then impress clients and guests with a heated bath mat. It’s the simple things in life that warm the heart and excite the senses. Today’s high-tech rugs are completely rechargeable, machine-washable and stay piping hot for hours — the perfect marriage of convenience and spa indulgence.

4. LED Color-Changing Faucet Screen

Ever see those little lights that illuminate your toilet at night? We love those, too — but this other unique gadget really makes a splash. Now, you can purchase an LED disc to replace your existing faucet screen. Once you screw it in with the appropriate adapter, water streams out alongside a colorful disco light show!

3. Rotating Makeup Organizer

If you love the glam of an old Hollywood vanity, today’s makeup organizers are the next best option. Transform any woman’s countertop into a stunning display — thanks to exceptional craftsmanship; white, easy-clean design; and a nook and cranny for all of today’s popular cosmetics.

2. Intelligent Trashcan

There’s something so inherently awkward about a bathroom wastebasket. Now, there’s no more bending over to lift the lid or slamming your foot to pop it open. Innovative smart trashcans feature built-in chips that automatically sense your presence. The lid opens and closes silently, startling (and impressing) visitors as they pass by.

1. Bathroom Mopping Robot

It’s a miracle from the bathroom gods! If you hate cleaning all those impossible crevices throughout the bathroom, meet this floor-mopping masterpiece. iRobot Braava is a miniature version of the famous roaming vacuum. Designed specifically for compact spaces, it jet sprays between tile, at the base of the toilet, and in other hard-to-reach spots. Ready to bring your bathroom projects into the 21st century? Give these gadgets a try, and see how well they complement your Modern Bathroom accessories, vanities, fixtures and other luxury essentials!

List Of Books To Keep In The Bathroom

They say kitchens sell houses, and that may be true to a certain extent, but there is one room in your home that will get more attention than any other space — your bathroom. Of course, everybody needs to sleep, but they can do that on the couch, in the bed, or on the floor. Everybody needs to eat, but today, that can happen in the living room or in the back seat of your car if you're busy with after-school activities.

One thing will always remain the same: Your porcelain throne is a place where you can make peace with life, no matter how hectic it gets outside your bathroom walls. It doesn't matter if you're entertaining guests or fulfilling the missions of your bathroom space — when it comes down to it, someone who enters those walls will be looking for a little downtime.

Since the time you spend in the bathroom is undetermined, make sure you have some entertainment on hand. Having a few great books standing by can make all the difference. Here are a few recommended bathroom reads:

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

These are the quintessential bathroom books. They're fun and have all sorts of sections filled with short reading materials. The collection includes an assortment of entertainment, including:

• Trivia

• Books about random facts

• Fun facts

• Humor There's an entire world of words ready to be read while you're sitting on the John with these books!

Toilet Paper Origami

Nobody questions toilet paper's importance, but this book enables you to turn it from a functional product of design to a work of art. Each perforated piece can take on a new look, once you figure out where the folds go. It's perfect for the bathroom for obvious reasons — it uses the room's No. 1 element to provide time-passing art instructions. Simply pull off a few squares, follow the directions, and leave a fun little paper boat on the back of the toilet to greet the next person who needs to use the facilities. It's a great way to leave a little something behind without making a lot of enemies in your house!

What's Your Poo Telling You?

Written by a medical doctor, and backed by science, this book has a humorous approach to an activity we all do. Chances are, you're not going to take this book to your office or read it in the cafeteria during your lunch break. That's not to say it shouldn't be read, however! “What's Your Poo Telling You?” has found its home in bathrooms across the country. It's the perfect place to learn what makes your body tick, and why the result of that ticking looks and feels the way it does. Get ready to giggle a little because this book has a weird take on the twisting and turning organs inside your body. What do you think your poo is telling you? Here's a humorous way to find out!

National Geographic Magazine

OK, this may not be a book, per se, but you'd probably be surprised about how many people suddenly become science freaks when they're sitting on the throne. Perhaps people may never understand why the ancient pyramids in Egypt and poo time are perfect accompaniments to each other. We may never know why weird insects get so interesting when your intestines need to clean themselves. Test the theory by putting a small stack of Nat Geo in your loo, and listen for someone in your house to tell you about some intriguing information they've recently read.

100 Wonders of the World

Feeling a little adventurous? This book will give you insight into some of the most unbelievable spots on the planet. If you're ready to get out of your shell and plan a vacation you won't soon forget, “100 Wonders of the World” can get your mind going. If you have your phone close by, you may even be tempted to start looking up hotel and flight prices. After all, this would be the ultimate way to multitask!

When it comes to your porcelain palace, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. This is a room where accessories really matter. A single piece of hardware can change the entire look and feel. Lighting can change your lavatory from a place you have to visit to a room you don't want to leave.

At Modern Bathroom, we know how to do bathroom accessories right. From stunning vanities to high-quality plumbing supplies, we've got you covered. We invite you to browse our selection of bathroom accessories today. Ordering online is simple!

Tips For Giving Your Dog A Bath In The Tub

Hiking with your dog along the trails or visiting the other pups at the nearby dog park are some of the most fulfilling ways to spend free time with your best four-legged pal. While you may make memories that will last a lifetime, you'll also likely bring home a messy pooch that needs a bath. Rather than going to the groomers for a quick rinse, you can transform your tub into a dog-washing station. The Tips Start Here:

Consider Bathroom Renovations

While it's possible to give your dog a bath in a standard tub or a typical shower stall, it's not always ideal. It may not be spacious enough for you and your pet, and it might not be the safest choice. Soaking tubs are one option to consider when creating a dog-washing station in your home. These tubs are large and deep, but the faucet is on the backside of the tub rather than in the front. This makes it easier for you to wash your pet, and may help your dog feel more secure. If a soaking tub is not a possibility, a shower with a secure base is another option that may work well.

Always Make Safety a Top Priority

Once you have completed your renovations, store all of the necessary safety items nearby the dog-washing area. This may include a leash, which can help keep your dog calm while also giving you more control during the bath. You also should have a mat in place to prevent your pet from slipping during the bath.

Brush Your Dog Before the Bath

When you have a dog-washing space in your home, be sure to maintain it properly and keep it clean. Dog hair will quickly clog your tub and may create eventual plumbing issues for you. To prevent this, take the time to brush your dog in a separate area prior to beginning the bath. Choose a brush that will work best for your dog's particular coat. Remember that regular brushing is critical to minimizing mats and keeping your dog looking fresh and clean.

Keep Comfort Items Nearby

Sometimes, baths can be stressful for your pet. Keep comfort items near the bathing station, such as a favorite toy or a special blanket. Any way you can help your dog stay calm will benefit both of you.

Wash With Dog Products

One common mistake that pet parents make is using human shampoo products and lotions. These bathing products are not designed for dogs, and may be detrimental to their skin or coat. When you create a dog-washing station, be sure to stock the cabinets with dog shampoo products. These will allow you to gently wash your pet with a product that’s safe for its skin and coat. Other supplies that you may want to store in your nearby cabinets include dog nail trimmers, a pet-safe hair dryer, and pet conditioners.

Don't Forget Playtime

Bath time can be about more than eliminating the day's dirt and getting clean for another adventure. It's a wonderful time to play with your precious pup. Take out special toys that your dog can only enjoy during bath time. Practice new commands and reward your dog when it behaves during the bath. By playing during the bath, your dog will not only have fun, but it also could begin to feel less anxiety about being bathed. Playtime can change your pet’s perception of the experience, while simultaneously giving you time to bond.

Complete the Process by Making Your Pet Warm and Dry

After the bath is finished, work quickly to get your dog warm and comfortable again. Stacking fresh, warm towels nearby the dog-washing station will help your four-legged friend be dry and cozy within moments. It's often ideal to have two towels nearby — one for the initial moments after the bath and another to thoroughly dry your dog after it is no longer dripping wet. Your pet is an important member of your family, so it's essential to make your pup feel at home at all times. A dog-washing station within your dwelling will not only be convenient, but it will be a space where your pet can feel comfortable and confident during its baths.

Bathroom Door Ideas

Doors may not be the first component that comes to mind when people think about bathroom renovations, but they can be one of the most impactful. Why’s that? Think of it like this: A bathroom door makes a first impression. It’s what people have to walk through before they ever get to see the unique design choices and features you’ve added to the bathroom itself. Install a stunning door, and you set the stage for wowing guests as they step inside. The door can make a dramatic impact on the room’s overall look and feel.

Style Options for Bathroom Doors

Given that doors can be such showpieces, how do you pick the right design for your bathroom door? Should you go with a sliding barn door, French doors or something else? To inspire you with the possibilities for a grand bathroom entrance, here are a few cool bathroom door ideas to consider: 

French doors:

Nothing says grand entrance like a pair of French doors leading to the bathroom. Paneled with glass, they let in light, allow open views into the bathroom and create elegant ambiance. 

Glass panel doors:

Featuring panels of glass, these doors are arranged in various patterns or designs. Choose a modern style — such as the door with five glass rectangle panels — to pick a hot option. 

Sliding barn doors:

On trend today are sliding barn doors, available in a variety of designs and styles that fit the modern home. Typically hung on hardware that sits above the door and allows the doors to slide, these doors can add wonderful charm and value. 

Pocket doors:

The best part of pocket doors is how they tuck away into the wall, saving valuable floor space. When you’ve got a layout that’s short on space, pocket doors help make the most of your room. 

Panel doors:

Just because panel doors are the most common interior doors doesn’t mean they’re not special. In fact, panel doors are popular for a reason. Whether you go with doors that have a single large panel or doors with several small ones, you choose a classic, versatile look with this option. 

Frosted glass doors:

For a door that creates a spacious, airy look without sacrificing privacy, there’s the frosted glass option. Frosted glass doors come in a variety of styles and help to let more light into the bathroom. 

Stained glass doors:

Stained glass doors create a real wow factor in the bathroom, capturing the eye with intricate patterns of colored glass. These designs can be as basic as a simple repeated pattern or as ornate as a picturesque scene. 

Mirrored doors:

Kill two birds with one stone when you opt for a mirrored bathroom door that gives you more convenience when getting ready. A door is often the perfect place to feature a tall mirror, built into the design. It maximizes space while still letting you check your outfit each morning.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping Bathroom Doors

Because a bathroom door opens to a wet, often humid, indoor area, consider this environment when you’re shopping door materials. Today’s market includes a variety of options — from wood to fiberglass to steel — and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. As you’re shopping, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Only buy wood doors that are treated for high humidity.

If you decide to go with a wood bathroom door, you’re choosing a classic option, unrivaled for its style and beauty. Make sure, however, that the wood is treated for high humidity — otherwise, you run the risk of the door warping over time. The only time when this isn’t an issue is in a bathroom without a shower/tub. 

2. Give steel a chance.

While a steel door might not seem like the most intuitive bathroom choice, there are a few reasons it makes sense. Steel doors are durable — naturally resistant to water damage from condensation or humidity. More than that, though, steel doors are continually evolving, and today’s marketplace includes a variety of stylish designs worth considering. 

3. Fiberglass is the typical choice.

Most homeowners today go with fiberglass bathroom doors that look like wood. Fiberglass is cheaper than wood or steel, though not as durable as steel. It’s also resistant to water damage, so it can be a great bathroom option.

Come to Modern Bathroom

Once you decide on the right door, complete your bathroom with products from Modern Bathroom. As the Internet’s leading resource for factory-direct pricing and up to 70 percent savings on bathroom products, Modern Bathroom is the place to go for vanities, faucets, sinks, mirrors and more. Shop our catalog online to find a wide selection of products that we ship for free to the 48 contiguous United States. Browse our site today to learn more!

Steps For A Master Bath Makeover

There’s nothing like the luxury of a spacious, renovated master bathroom. With a master bathroom makeover, you gain a private retreat for getting ready, unwinding and relaxing each day. Whether you’re dreaming about master bath ideas or are about to get started on your personal master bathroom makeover, here’s a step-by-step look at what goes into a renovation. Use these bathroom ideas to inspire your overhaul — and create the beautiful, spa-like bathroom you’ve always wanted!

Step One: Set a Budget

Before taking on any home remodeling project, it’s a good idea to know what you can afford. Generally speaking, remodels run the gamut of costs — from a small renovation that costs a few thousand dollars to a complete overhaul that’s upward of six figures. Determine your budget, and let that amount guide your remodeling efforts. When deciding which elements of the bathroom to redo, start with what’s most important to you — replacing the outdated vanity, turning the tub into a shower/tub combination, replacing the tile walls, or something else? Knowing what will have the biggest impact on the space can help you determine where to spend your money.

Step Two: Choose the Basic Elements

Master bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but there are certain foundational elements common to them all. When planning a remodel, think through each of these elements and how they matter in your design: •


Because floors set the foundation for the bathroom design, they’re one of the most important components. From a design standpoint, you’ll want a floor that fits your style, is timeless enough to last through changing trends, and durable enough to be easy to clean and take care of well into the future. Because this floor is going into a water-heavy room like the bathroom, however, you’ll also want an option that can withstand spills and splashes. Some good options include porcelain or ceramic tile, vinyl floors, natural stone floors, engineered wood or laminate. 


A second bathroom cornerstone is the vanity. Everything from the placement of your vanity to its materials and design will factor into your finished bathroom’s style. If you can work with the existing plumbing in your bathroom, you’ll cut costs from reconfiguring the pipes to fit a different vanity style. Other important considerations are to look for a vanity top that’s durable, has enough storage for your toiletry needs, fits the size of your bathroom appropriately, and fits your budget. •


While some master bathrooms have a shower/tub combination, others feature a standalone shower, available in a variety of styles. If your redesign will have a separate shower, consider adding extras such as body sprayers, hand-held showerheads, a rain showerhead, pressure-balancing valves, water-saving features and/or other add-ons that make the shower special. •


A standalone tub is the epitome of master bathroom luxury. Whether you go with a drop-in, alcove, corner or clawfoot option is up to you — explore the possibilities to see what you like best. Tub features you might consider incorporating include jets, bubbles, underwater LED lights, music, digital controls and/or ADA compliance.

Step Three: Think About Lighting

If there’s one feature that makes a huge impact in a master bathroom, it’s lighting. The best bathroom design will be one that’s well-lit with multiple lighting sources: task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, etc. This is to highlight all the beautiful features and fixtures you’ve chosen, as well as to make the bathroom a fully functional space. Once your basic remodeling plan is in place, all that’s left to do is demo the old components and install the new ones. Whether you take on the project yourself or hire a contractor is up to you. Either way, though, expect some transition time between your old design and your finished bathroom.

Shop Bathroom Components at Modern Bathroom

When you’re remodeling a master bathroom and are looking for great bathroom ideas to incorporate, come to Modern Bathroom! As the web’s leading resource for factory-direct pricing on bathroom components, we’re here to give you everything you need for your new space — at low prices that can save you up to 70 percent off remodeling costs. Browse our site to get new master bath ideas, and find everything from a new vanity to a glass enclosure for your shower. Whatever the scope of your remodeling project, we are the one-stop destination to get the products you want.

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