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Adding A Little Nature To Your Bathroom

Nothing relaxes and refreshes like the great outdoors. That’s exactly why, when you want to add a more peaceful feel to your home, you want to incorporate elements of nature into your decorating. How can you add natural elements into your home, such as in the bathroom? To help answer that question and inspire you with your nature-themed bathroom design, here are a few tips for adding a touch of nature to one of the most well-used and important rooms in your layout: 

1. Widen windows.

Bigger windows mean larger views of the surrounding world — a feature that’s especially valuable when your bathroom overlooks trees, a fenced backyard, a pool or water. A more expansive view of the outdoors can add to your overall sense of tranquility in the bathroom. Wider windows also let fresh air and breezes into your bathroom when you open them on temperate days. On top of that, they let in more natural light, flooding your bathroom with the incomparable beauty of daylight during waking hours. 

2. Let the light in.

Avoid the temptation to cover your windows with heavy curtains or drapes, which block natural light. Opt instead for lighter window treatments that let the light into your space. If you’re concerned about privacy, consider incorporating plants in your landscaping outside the window — this gives you all the benefits of outdoor views, without the worries of intruding eyes. 

3. Add greenery.

Nothing says nature like fresh greenery growing in your home. Living plants add vibrancy and natural focal points to your decorating. More than that, they can decrease levels of certain pollutants, reduce airborne dust, increase humidity and lower stress levels for people who see them. 

4. Incorporate natural materials.

When it comes to bathroom components such as floors, walls and a vanity, there are many options for incorporating the natural world. Choose natural, instead of man-made, materials, and you instantly add to the nature-themed appeal of your space. Look for hardwoods, bamboo, cork, stone, etc., to bring a little more of the outdoors inside your bathroom. 

5. Opt for earth tones.

For a bathroom that speaks to the appeal of nature, skip bright, flashy colors that are hard to find in the natural world. Instead, choose soothing earth tones reminiscent of beaches, woods, deserts and other outdoor locales. Whether you go with blues and greens for a sea-themed bathroom or tans and browns for a wooded space, you can enhance the feel of your room with your color scheme. 

6. Decorate with natural materials.

When you’re choosing how to style your bathroom, look for objects that incorporate natural fibers (such as rattan and wicker) or natural elements (such as shells and sand). These objects that hint at the outdoors may add some of nature’s calming benefits to your space. 

Whether you’re redesigning your master bathroom or planning a guest bathroom in a new home, when you want to work natural appeal into your bathroom, think strategically about your bathroom design. By incorporating more natural elements and creating a cohesive nature-themed look, you can design a bathroom that you love walking into each day. 

To help you know where to start when planning a bathroom with natural elements, use the six ideas above. And, when you’re looking for the best in bathroom fixtures for your remodel or design, come to Modern Bathroom, the Internet’s leading resource for factory-direct pricing on bathroom components. Search our catalog online to learn more. Or, reach out anytime with questions about finding the best in bathroom features, fixtures and elements.

Tips For Creating A Pet-Friendly Bathroom

Let’s face it, for most pet owners, having a pet is a lot like adding another person to your family. Among other responsibilities of pet owners, your beloved dog or cat needs someone to feed it, walk it and clean it from time to time. That’s exactly why many families with pets find themselves thinking about better and more convenient ways to bathe their pets at home in their own bathrooms, as well as ways to make the bathroom safer for their pets. You love your animal, and you want to care for it properly, but bathing a pet can be a lot of work. Whether you’re talking about a small cat or a huge Dalmatian, how can you clean your pet well? Also, in terms of home design, what bathroom elements might make for a pet-friendly bathroom? To help answer these questions, here are a few ideas for ways to make your bathroom a little more pet-friendly: 

1. An open-concept shower.

If you’re up for a little bathroom remodeling, here’s an idea that can both turn your bathroom into more of a luxury space and give you a better resource for bathing your pet in the process. An open-concept shower eliminates any sort of tub wall. This means you don’t have to climb over that wall to take your regular showers. Plus, you don’t have to lift your pet up and over that wall to get it bathed. 

2. A curbless open-concept shower.

For even more appeal in the open-concept shower design, you may opt for the curbless model. This sort of shower not only lacks the traditional tub wall, but it also has no curb around the shower. You and your pet step right into the shower, the same way you’d step anywhere else — without any potential for tripping or struggling to get inside. 

3. Non-slip shower floors.

To make it less likely for your pet — or you — to slip in the shower, add a non-slip surface with either a special coating or textured material. This protects against falls and injuries in the bathroom that can create anxiety for future cleaning for your pet. 

4. A detachable showerhead.

Here’s an easy update you can make anytime. Replace your traditional showerhead with a detachable model that lets you move spraying water around your animal. This makes it easier to get all the parts of your pet, without having to move your pet in many directions in the tub. 

5. Tile bathroom floors.

One of the best bathroom floor options for people with pets is a tile floor. Why? Simply put, tile is easy to clean, durable, waterproof and pet-friendly. When your dog steps out of the shower and shakes off in the bathroom, a tile floor makes it much easier to clean up the mess. 

6. A closed toilet lid.

Aside from making the shower more amenable to pet cleaning, you can also improve your bathroom by minimizing dangers to your furry friends. Keep the toilet lid closed, especially if you have chemicals such as automatic bowl cleaners inside. This protects your pet from poisoning as well as potential drowning. 

7. Locked cabinets.

Just as parents lock cabinets from small children, it’s a good idea to lock your vanity cabinets from your pets. Safety locks ensure your puppy doesn’t get into chemicals, cleaning products, beauty items or medicine unexpectedly and end up hurting itself or your home. 

Pets add so much pleasure and joy to a family, especially when they’re properly cared for and loved. So, to improve the way you care for your furry friends, follow the seven tips above, and create a pet-friendly bathroom. To find the best in factory-direct prices on bathroom items, head to Modern Bathroom and shop our online catalog!

Choosing The Right Bathroom Faucet

Whenever you decide to remodel a bathroom, you are faced with countless decisions. Will you stick with the current layout or reconfigure it? What color scheme do you want to use? What fixtures do you want to add? On your vanity, too, you’ll need to decide everything from what sink is best to what kind of cabinets you need. Likewise, you’ll need to pick bathroom faucets. 

To help in your efforts to make the best choice, here’s a look at what you’ll need to know when choosing a bathroom faucet.

The Challenge in Selecting Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets are the kind of features that you almost never notice until you’re remodeling the room. Designed to control how and where water flows in the sink, faucets are necessary bathroom fixtures, but they’re available in countless materials and designs. For many people, faucets are the finishing touches of a bathroom design. How do you make a decision about something that feels like an extra but is a necessary feature? What should you consider when choosing the best bathroom faucets for your space?

Types of Faucets Available

In a bathroom market loaded with possibilities, there are a few basic categories of faucets to which most fit. While there are still other models besides these basics, below are the most typical faucet types: 

  • Centerset:

This type of faucet has a spout and two handles affixed to a plate, creating one faucet that’s made for sinks with three faucet holes set 4 inches apart. 

  • Widespread:

The widespread faucet has a separate spout and separate handles, each mounted independently into three holes in the sink. 

  • Single hole:

A single-hole faucet has exactly that — a single hole where the faucet gets mounted. Typically creating a modern look, these faucets also conserve space by taking less of the counter. 

  • Wall mount:

A wall-mounted faucet takes the faucet off the sink entirely by mounting it into the wall above the sink, instead. Ideal for vessel sinks or other designs without faucet holes, this type of faucet requires access to water supply through the wall, which may require some rerouting. If you already have a particular faucet in mind, it’s not hard to shop the selection of styles in that type and choose the one you like. If you’re still unsure of which faucet to choose, however, you’ll want to evaluate further.

Questions to Ask Yourself

In order to determine which faucets fit your bathroom best, here is a list of questions worth reviewing in your design project: 

  • What fits your sink?

The sink you’re using directly impacts the faucet you’ll select because you need a faucet that fits the hole opening you have. If you’re retrofitting your faucet to a sink you’ve had for a while or you’re buying a new faucet to go with a new sink purchase, find out exactly what type of hole you need to accommodate — single-hole, centerset, widespread or wall mount? 

  • What features do you want?

One of the best parts of today’s faucet market is all the options available. Would you like a low-flow faucet, for example, to help conserve water? Are you interested in an aerator that can reduce water usage and save money? You may be interested in a hands-free faucet that’s motion-activated to start when you put your hands underneath and stop when you move them away. There are also ozone-activated antibacterial faucets designed to kill bacteria in your water at home. Explore possibilities to see what seems most important to you. 

  • What finish do you like?

Today’s faucet market includes a wide range of finishes: polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, hammered nickel, stainless steel, bronze, brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, ceramic and more. Tour a kitchen showroom or visit a home improvement store to explore the possibilities and figure out which look you love. 

  • What’s your budget?

Knowing how much you can afford is an important boundary in your faucet shopping, helping you to avoid overspending and regretting your remodel. Using the budget that you’ve set for your bathroom, see what faucets and features fit into that plan. 

  • What sort of faucets are used in similar homes?

Another tried-and-true method for gaining remodeling inspiration is browsing ideas in similar homes. Look at the residences in your area and what they offer — are they tending toward a certain style or faucet feature? That might point you in a direction in which you want to go, too. 

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How Vanities Can Transform Your Bathroom

When you’re remodeling a bathroom, every detail matters — but few are as impactful as your choice of vanity. Because the vanity creates essentially a centerpiece for the bathroom, it can set the tone for the entire room’s style. This is one reason why thinking through vanity options is worth the effort. Your choice makes a strong impact on the room. Whether you are going minimal, modern, traditional, classic, vintage or something else, you’ll often be able to build the entire design around this one central focal point. So will you go with a modern look, an antique look or something in between? If you’re renovating a bathroom and thinking about swapping out the vanity, you have a variety of options available to you today. To help you choose the right vanity style for your space, here’s a deeper look at the impact vanities make on bathroom projects, as well as reasons for replacing a vanity at home.

Your Choice of Vanity Can Change Your Whole Space

Look around at all the vanity variations available in the marketplace today. You’ll see all kinds of options for vanity size, styling and mounting. To help you determine which is the best fit for your bathroom, here’s a look at some factors:
  • Size: Today’s market not only includes single and double vanities, but options that come in various widths, depths and heights. Take a look at your bathroom space and figure out what size vanity would fit it best. Keep in mind that a vanity makes the strongest, most positive statement when it comfortably fits into your bathroom, without making the room feel overcrowded and cramped. 
  • Style: There are several factors that go into a vanity’s style. The color and materials typically make a strong visual statement, connoting a sense of modern, traditional, antique or other style. Likewise, the type of sink — undermount, vessel, drop-in or integrated — has an impact on the overall bathroom design. Explore possibilities and figure out which look appeals to you best. Then determine which vanity in that style will work in your room. 
  • Mounting: While, traditionally speaking, vanities are freestanding on the floor, there are other mounting options available today. You can mount your vanity to the wall, for example, freeing up floor space. In an especially small bathroom, you can find a corner vanity to take up less overall square footage. Explore the possibilities to consider how your vanity choice can change your room. 

No matter what vanity you choose in your bathroom, it will affect the room’s style. Take your time to explore options and evaluate how they’ll work in your renovated bathroom. That way, you can achieve just the look and feel you desire.

Goals You Can Achieve by Replacing the Vanity in Your Bathroom

Any time you create a new bathroom, you have to choose fixtures and elements to put in it. But what about when you already have a bathroom and you’re interested in giving it new life? How do you know when you should replace the vanity in your bathroom? When does it make sense to swap yours out? Here are a few examples of situations in which replacing the vanity is a decision that makes sense:

1. To go more modern (or traditional).

Whether you inherited a bathroom with design you don’t love when you bought your home or you have owned your home long enough that you’ve changed styles, you can breathe new life into your bathroom with a new vanity. Swapping it out with a model that appeals to you is a great first step in redesigning the look of your bathroom. 

2. To brighten (or darken) the bathroom.

Maybe your current vanity is a rich, dark wood color, and you’d like something in the light, white family. Perhaps you have a light, modern vanity, but you want to choose something richer and more substantial. Whatever the case, you can quickly change your bathroom’s whole feel by swapping the vanity with a color scheme that appeals to you. 

3. To consolidate (or better use) space.

If the current space arrangement in your bathroom isn’t working and you’re wishing you had more floor space, you might want to swap out your wide or double vanity with a thinner model. 

4. To add functionality.

If you’ve been using a pedestal sink and lacking space to store toiletries, you may want to consider swapping it for a vanity with drawers or cabinets. Likewise, if you haven’t had counter space for storing basic items, you may prefer a vanity that adds space for working. 

There are as many reasons for swapping out vanities as there are vanities available in the marketplace. The bottom line, however, is that if you want to swap out your vanity, you can make a big impact on your space by doing so. To help you find just the right component for your bathroom, check out Modern Bathroom. As the Internet’s leading provider of factory-direct pricing on bathroom products, we provide up to 70 percent savings and free shipping throughout the contiguous United States. Explore our selection of bathroom vanities to find just the right option for you!