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Tips On Creating A Smart Bathroom

Modern houses are quickly becoming smarter with the help of sophisticated gadgets, equipment and “home helpers.” For instance, now you can access the security system and thermostat simply through a smart phone. 

Today’s homebuyers are clamoring for the latest in technology: Over 77% of millennials are seeking properties with smart innovations. The increasing demand has led realtors, manufacturers and renovation experts to find more elaborate ways to incorporate devices into the home. Well, what better place to start than a room you use daily: the bathroom. 

The contemporary bathroom is more than just a toilet, sink and shower. From grandiose add-ons to creative aesthetics to eco-friendly features, there are endless ways to upgrade your restroom that add value and appeal. Whether you’re focused on functionality or staying on trend, here’s how to incorporate smart bathroom technology into the next renovation project. 

Where to Start

Investing in a room you use multiple times a day can have benefits beyond visual aesthetics. Integrating some of the following smart bathroom ideas can help decrease the utility bills and ultimately increase your peace of mind. Whether you have a master or half bath, space does not need to be an issue. It’s time to think smarter. 

If the toilet is your throne, consider opting for a model that will deliver the royal treatment every time you sit. Some modern toilets feature seat warmers, LED lights, self-cleaning technology and motion sensors. If you really want to make a difference in the lavatory, temperature-controlled bidets and automatic dryers will change the way you go — no toilet paper required.

Conserving water goes beyond turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. A smart fixture can reduce water consumption through programmable timers and spouts that moderate the flow. You could even implement the touchless technology often found in a public restroom. 

Whether you hop in the shower or prefer to soak in the tub, automated systems can make the bathing experience extraordinary. Set water to the perfect temperature, shine LED lights, play music from the shower head or use air jets to mimic a spa. Some sensor panels even allow you to save multiple user preferences on the same device. 

Smart bathroom technology goes beyond the standard appliances. Certain mirrors now come with demisters to avoid a steamy or foggy view. Some are compatible with smart speakers. Others take it a step further with unique beauty-breakdown technology, weather and traffic reports and news feeds to stay connected while you get ready for the day.

Other smart bathroom ideas include an intelligent scale, which can track your fitness progress, BMI, muscle mass and more. There are also cabinets that can maintain a certain temperature and provide reminders to take any medication.

Modern Bathroom Can Help 

A contemporary, high-tech bathroom doesn’t have to resemble something out of a sci-fi movie. Modern Bathroom has the products and services to set up your dream lavatory. Browse our website to learn more about how to create a smart bathroom, or contact us today. 

Update And Refresh Your Bathroom In Time For Summer

When it comes to home décor, nothing says summer like fresh accessories — even in the bathroom! For this hot and sunny season, the name of the game is light and bright. Out with everything heavy, thick and dark. Summer means celebrating sunlight, warmth and beauty inside and outside your home.

So, how can you update that summer bathroom décor? Here’s a look at some simple and specific ideas to refresh your bathroom in time for summer.

  1. Declutter. At the start of each season, it’s a good idea to go through the cabinets and drawers, disposing of any expired or unwanted toiletries. Removing unused products can free up space for little touches and trinkets that will be in keeping with the time of year. Say goodbye to the heavy winter items too, packing them away in storage if possible.
  2. Add fresh flowers or plants. One of the best and most beautiful parts of summer is the flowers and plants that bloom in the garden. To celebrate the season in the bathroom, why not pick some fresh blossoms and greenery for the vanity or counter? Every time you enter the room, you’ll be struck both by the beauty and fragrance of seasonal flora.
  3. Hang white curtains. If you want to update your bathroom theme for summer, switching to bright accessories is a great place to start. Does your lavatory have a window? If so, take advantage of the abundant sunshine. Replace the existing window coverings with white curtains that let light diffuse into the room all day long.
  4. Swap the shower curtain. If your current shower curtain is dark, drab or dirty, try swapping it out with summer-themed shower curtains. These bright and breezy hangings will allow more light to bounce around the room. Plus, the right design will be in keeping with your overall summer style.
  5. Replace the rug. Look for a bathmat or rug in vibrant colors to breathe summer life into the bathroom. Little touches can make a big difference in terms of style.
  6. Put in a basket of fresh towels. There’s nothing like a crisp, clean towel to make you feel pampered in the bathroom. Instantly boost the welcome factor by adding a basket of freshly laundered towels to the space.
  7. Lose the plastics. If you have a plastic soap dish or dispenser by the sink, use the changing season as an excuse to swap it out with something more durable and timeless. Whether you go with a ceramic or stone dispenser, it can instantly give the bathroom a more luxurious look.
  8. Do a deep clean. Last but not least, refresh the entire bathroom with a good deep clean for the season. Take time to thoroughly scrub and scour those tricky corners and you’ll feel ready for the warm months ahead.

As you’re decorating the bathroom for summer, one more idea to consider is updating the fixtures. Installing a new vanity, for example, can totally transform the room from blah to beautiful. Come shop our selection at Modern Bathroom to find great prices on quality name-brand products.

How To Make Bathroom Cleaner At Home

Being stuck at home while social distancing is the perfect opportunity to finally tackle household projects you’ve been putting off, such as giving the bathroom a deep clean. When you’re spending more time looking at your living spaces than ever before, it’s hard not to notice dirty areas that could use a good scrubbing. So why not do something about it? One of the first steps is deciding what to use — cleaning products from the store or DIY bathroom cleaners.  

The Benefits of a DIY Bathroom Cleaner

There are lots of reasons to use a DIY bathroom cleaner instead of a store-bought option. It’s pretty easy, for one thing, and will take only a few minutes to mix in a spray bottle. Likewise, it’s inexpensive: most homemade bathroom cleaner recipe options use everyday ingredients (such as vinegar, baking soda and soap) that you may already have on hand. (Bonus: this means no extra trips to the store.)

Most importantly, you control everything that goes inside DIY cleaner. You can skip the harsh chemicals common in many cleaning products, from ammonium chloride to hydrochloric acid to allergy-assaulting fragrances, protecting both your home environment and the planet in the process.

Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes for the Bathroom

Ready to learn how to make bathroom cleaner at home? Here are some simple and effective ideas to try!

  1. For the bathtub and tile: For many people, cleaning the bathtub is one of the most dreaded household tasks. Here’s a DIY solution that can help: Mix 1/2 cup of castile or vegetable oil–based soap with 1 2/3 cup baking soda. Stir together; then add 1/2 cup water and 2 tablespoons plain white vinegar. Mix thoroughly in a spray bottle or jar. Spray or apply this mixture to the tub and tile with a cloth or sponge, and let it dissolve soap scum and debris. Rinse thoroughly and wipe away.
  2. For soap scum: As an alternative to the above solution, you can also combine equal parts warmed white vinegar and Dawn dish soap. Spray all over scum, let sit up to an hour and rinse well.
  3. For mirrors and glass: Give your vanity mirror a sparkling shine by cleaning it with a mixture of four cups warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Spray this mixture onto the glass, and wipe it away with a dry cloth. That’s it!
  4. For scouring surfaces: For those pesky spots or stains on the countertop and other surfaces, try this scouring powder. Combine equal parts baking soda, borax and kosher salt, and apply this to the problem areas. Then simply wipe with a sponge and rinse.
  5. For the toilet bowl: Nobody likes cleaning the toilet, but at least it’s simple enough to do. Combine a cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup of either borax or baking soda, and let it sit in the toilet bowl for at least 15 minutes. Scrub, flush and watch the stains float away.
  6. For mold and mildew: Scrub stubborn mold or mildew stains with a mixture of equal parts borax and white vinegar. If the stains are especially tough, let the mixture sit for about an hour. Rinse away.
  7. For sanitizing the floor: Combine two gallons of hot water with ½ cup of borax to thoroughly sanitize and clean your bathroom floor. Scrub the floor with a mop or a sponge, and let the solution air dry.

As you can see, there are lots of easy, effective ways to make your own bathroom-cleaning products. The only thing better than a spotless bathroom is a spotless bathroom that’s updated to your style. Come check out Modern Bathroom’s products online to find high-quality, affordable vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets, storage solutions and more!

How To Properly Sanitize A Bathroom

While everyday cleaning is important in the bathroom, there are times when a more thorough scrubbing is necessary. Think about all the bacteria that lives in this part of your home. From daily toilet use to touching the faucet with dirty hands, there are countless germs hiding in the restroom. Simply sweeping or dusting cannot remove all the filth and gunk. That’s why you should take time to deep clean the bathroom on a regular basis.

When you want to know how to sanitize a bathroom completely, here’s a look at what to do.

  1. Start by doing a basic cleaning. Before you can effectively disinfect the bathroom, start with a routine cleaning. Using warm, soapy water, scrub the surfaces (toilet, door handles, counters, sink, faucets, etc.) and rinse thoroughly. This can remove the foundational layer of dirt and debris that may exist in the space.
  2. Launder the towels. If the washing machine has a “sanitize” cycle, now is the perfect time to run the towels through it, eliminating all germs. Alternatively, you can wash them on the hottest water setting.
  3. Wash the shower curtain and liner. To prevent soap scum, mold and mildew from accumulating on the shower liner, throw it and the curtain in the washing machine with regular detergent. You can also add a few towels to help scrub away debris.
  4. Gather supplies. In order to properly disinfect the shower, sink, floors, etc. in your bathroom, you’ll need either a store-bought sanitizer solution or a homemade version. One option is to combine a quart of water with a teaspoon of bleach in a spray bottle. Other necessary supplies include a toilet bowl brush, a mop, a cleaning cloth and/or disposable paper towels, white vinegar, baking soda, a plastic bag, a rubber band and household gloves.
  5. Spray all surfaces with disinfectant. The next step in how to sanitize a bathtub, toilet, sink and all other parts of the bathroom is to spray all surfaces, from doorknobs to towel racks, with an even coating of the cleaning solution. Be sure to wear gloves while handling disinfectant or bleach.
  6. Let surfaces air-dry. After spraying the cleaning agent, let all surfaces dry completely before moving forward. Ventilate the room properly, especially if you’re using bleach.
  7. Disinfect the toilet. Pour toilet cleaner into the bowl and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Use the toilet bowl brush to thoroughly scrub any deposits and then flush.
  8. Sanitize the sink. A great way to clear the pipes is to pour baking soda and white vinegar down the drain, followed immediately by near-boiling water.
  9. Disinfect the shower Once or twice a month, it’s a good idea to mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with a cup of white vinegar in a bag and wrap it around the shower head, securing it with a rubber band. Leave it overnight, then rinse to cleanse your shower head from any lurking bacteria.
  10. Mop the floors. Last but not least, mop the floor with the disinfectant solution and let it air-dry completely.

Although sanitizing the bathroom can be a big job, it can be easier if you use the tips above and tackle it consistently and often. Then, come to Modern Bathroom for all the products you could want — because the only thing better than a squeaky-clean bathroom is a beautifully styled one. Shop our online catalog for affordably priced vanities, toilets, sinks, faucets and more.

Shop Modern Bathroom now!

Types Of Bathtub Faucets

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about a bathroom remodel, one feature to consider is the many types of bathtub faucets. In the world of restroom renovations, there are all kinds of bathtub faucet finish styles, from traditional to modern. How do you know which is right for you? Beyond just exploring styles, should you consider function? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at the various types of bathtub faucets available today. 

Wall-Mounted Faucets 

If you have a built-in bathtub, you’ll probably want to pick a wall-mounted faucet. What’s great about these bathtub faucets is how they save space and offer superior convenience. They also come in a range of styles and finishes to suit your tastes. 

Freestanding Faucets

When you think of antique, claw-footed or some other detached bathtub, what kind of fixture do you picture? Most likely it’s a freestanding faucet, set near one end of the tub. These types of bathtub faucets run the gamut of style and design, giving you plenty of possibilities whether you’re interested in re-creating the look of yesteryear or going with something modern and luxurious.

Roman Tub Faucets

A Roman tub faucet, which features handles and an arched spout, is unique in that it is usually mounted to one end of the tub or the side ledge. These fixtures are available in single, double or even triple handle designs. If you’re looking for an elegant look reminiscent of a bygone area, yet with a touch of modernization, these are a good choice.

Modern and Contemporary Faucets 

The key to creating a complete and satisfactory sense of style is to pay attention to the little touches. If you know you’re going for a sleek and modern design in the bathroom, you’ve got to continue that look into each detail, including your bathtub faucets. 

At Modern Bathroom, we carry a variety of contemporary bathtub faucets. These fixtures feature clean lines, minimalist flair and sleek characteristics. They’re also made by some of the top brands in the industry today, including Wyndham Collection®, Danze, GROHE, Toto, our own Modern Bathroom line and others. 

Classic and Traditional Faucets

If a more traditional bathroom is up your alley, you’ll probably prefer faucets that look classic and timeless. Again, coordinating faucets with other finishings and bathroom decor is exactly how you create an overall look that’s impressive and appealing.

Modern Bathroom’s online catalog includes dozens of traditional bathtub faucets, made by leading brands such as Wyndham Collection®, Danze, Fluid, GROHE, Victoria & Albert, our own Modern Bathroom line and more.

Contact Us to Learn More 

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or remodeling the one you have, it’s important to think about small touches if you’re going to create a beautiful, cohesive room. Shop our selection of modern and traditional bathtub faucets at Modern Bathroom to find the perfect piece for your space. Reach out to us to get more ideas for creating a bathroom you’ll love.

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