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Shabby Chic Bathrooms – 2020 Style Trends Series

Nothing says lived-in luxury like the shabby chic style bathroom. Known for weathered, well-loved pieces, shabby chic is all about being comfortable and informal. It’s a blend of elegance and coziness that works perfectly in the bathroom, where people routinely retreat from the daily doldrums and stresses of life. The relaxation and stylish grace are just part of why shabby chic bathroom designs are so popular today.

Characteristics of a Shabby Chic Bathroom

Compared to more traditional decorating, shabby chic tends to focus on rustic or upcycled furniture. Expect to see repurposed antique cabinets or distressed vanities. Soft, romantic elements such as pastel colors and flowery linens are also common. 

While this style can be flexible and accommodating, it is not unintentional. From the baby blues of in a New England cottage to the aged paint in a Florida beach house, certain key components are at work to make shabby chic a coherent aesthetic.

If you’re thinking about a shabby chic bathroom remodel or looking for shabby chic bathroom ideas, here are some style choices worth incorporating: 

  • Distressed furniture: Farmhouse vanities, vintage mirrors, sliding barn doors and pieces with a Victorian or rustic vibe work well in a shabby chic bathroom.
  • Ornate antiques: While shabby chic can sometimes be synonymous with weathered and worn, that’s not to say elegance and intricacy aren’t appropriate. Part of what differentiates shabby chic from other styles is the mix of distressed furniture from various time periods. If you have a favorite fixture or piece that could elevate your bathroom’s look, feel free to use it in a shabby chic design.
  • French fixtures: Furniture with a French-inspired feel are at home in any shabby chic bathroom. Look for pieces with an antique or lived-in quality for the best results.
  • Light and pastel colors: From pinks to blues to neutrals, pale and pastel shades are ever popular. Bright colors can also work, but you’ll want to avoid mixing more than two vivid shades in a small shabby chic space.
  • White, white, white: Because of its light, breezy feel, white is a must in most shabby chic designs. Combining different shades of white could be a great way to add interest and depth to your look while maintaining the romantic, inviting atmosphere.
  • Romantic shower curtains and linens: From lace to floral prints, shabby chic shower curtains hint at delicacy, softness and romance. Whites, creams and soft floral prints do especially well for hand towels or window dressings.

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Rustic Bathrooms — 2020 Style Trends Series

Rustic design continues to be on trend, even in the bathroom. What defines this decorating vibe? Essentially, if you took a rugged lumberjack, mixed him with a country farmhouse, and turned the combination into a restroom style, you’d have a good idea of what to expect.

The rustic-style bathroom builds on a foundation of natural materials, such as wood and stone. The color scheme tends to feature earth tones and/or soothing neutrals. Other hallmarks include hefty fabrics, lots of natural light and an overall comfortable feel that invites you to kick back and relax.

Examples of Rustic Bathrooms

Rustic bathroom designs include elements such as wood beadboard, shiplap walls, exposed brick, farmhouse vanities, barn doors and vintage furniture or fixtures. Rustic bathroom products can run the gamut from clawfoot tubs to industrial-inspired wall sconces. Some rustic lavatories may also showcase live-edge surfaces and sinks, or counters with irregular forms. You can embrace this look by replacing a shower curtain and hanging décor, or you can go all-out with a rustic renovation. What unifies all the possibilities in this category is an emphasis on nature’s textures and materials. 

Rustic vs. Other Bathroom Design Options 

Today’s homeowners have many choices for beautiful bathroom design — so why go rustic? Not only is this look highly on trend, but it’s also welcoming and comfortable. Anyone who wants to create the kind of restroom that’s durable and calming can appreciate this blend of rough materials with tailored touches. While some other styles require all modern products, the rustic look can work with repurposed pieces. Also, many rustic elements are naturally able to withstand regular wear and tear, leading to a less fussy, more usable vibe in the bathroom.

Benefits of This Bathroom Style

Whether you’re outfitting a cabin in the woods or a home in the suburbs, incorporating rustic bathroom ideas could be the perfect fit. It’s hard to beat the relaxing, natural atmosphere that a rustic bathroom remodel offers. Pulling elements straight from nature and incorporating them into a room is a great way to increase tranquility. Likewise, the rustic look is a trend with staying power. While it’s popular now, it’s also built on lasting elements that will likely stand the test of time. The method offers enough versatility to accommodate many personalities and tastes: go more modern farmhouse or edgy industrial as you prefer!  

If you’re ready to update a powder room in a more rustic way, browse our vast selection of modern-style fixtures online! Priced affordably and made to be easy to incorporate into a variety of decorating schemes, our products can help create a look you love. 

Cottage Bathrooms – 2020 Style Trends Series

Bright, white and charming: these words describe the basic foundation of a cottage-style bathroom. Especially popular in small, historic or otherwise cozy residences, this approach is all about creating comfort alongside classic elegance. It’s a timeless option and it works in dwellings of all sizes. Also, thanks to its relaxing, airy vibe, the technique has wide appeal among many homeowners. If you’re thinking about taking on a cottage bathroom remodel or implementing a few strategically chosen cottage bathroom products in a space, here is what you’ll want to know.

Examples of Cottage Bathroom Designs 

The cottage look is a diverse design that can go as modern or traditional as you like, while still keeping the overall charming vibe. For example, you might have a beach-style main restroom with white tongue-and-groove walls and vintage-style sink faucets, alongside a rope mirror and a woven basket of towels. On the other hand, a sprawling and luxurious master bath could showcase the cottage look in a different way. It may include an all-white design that involves marble floors, wood double vanities, porcelain sinks and a crystal chandelier overhead. 

No matter if it’s a large guest lavatory or a tiny powder room, a cottage theme can work well in any size space. Common hallmarks of this style include white color schemes with hints of vibrant or pastel hues, as well as high-end touches such as quartz, marble or crystal. 

Cottage Bathroom Designs vs. Other Decorating Schemes 

The cottage-style bathroom typically has a more upscale vibe than a rustic or shabby chic look, but it has overlap with those methods, too. They all emphasize comfort and relaxation with informal but elegant features. They all work well with repurposed vintage furniture turned into vanities. There are many features that set the cottage bathroom apart. These include accenting details such as wainscoting, flowered wallpaper, ornate mirrors and/or any touches that hint at old-fashioned character.

What Makes the Cottage Bathroom Appealing? 

Part of what makes this style so popular is its vintage influence. By combining modern fixtures with antique-inspired materials, it’s possible to create a truly timeless feel. Cottage bathrooms are also bright and inviting. They are full of character and charm. They’re informal and elegant, achieving an ideal combination that works in many kinds of homes. The longevity and versatility available with the cottage look make it a great choice for numerous bathroom spaces.

If you’re interested in creating a cottage-style design in the powder room, start with an overall sense of what sets this decorating method apart from others. This includes architectural details, vintage-inspired pieces, all-white color schemes and high-quality materials. By using these cottage bathroom ideas in your style choices, you can create an attractive space. 

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Farmhouse Bathrooms — 2020 Style Trends Series

Looking for farmhouse bathroom ideas? This type of design is timeless. Unlike modern or contemporary decor, a farmhouse-style bathroom will have an old-fashioned look — but by no means will it be old fashioned in function! For this type of remodel, you’ll want to choose materials, textures and finishes carefully, but feel free to keep the bathroom modern by selecting fixtures that offer function. 

If you’re planning a farmhouse bathroom remodel, then here are some of the details you’ll need to know to achieve the look.

Elements of Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Since a farmhouse bathroom focuses on creating an often rustic and retro look, choose materials and fixtures with a nod toward classic styles. This includes walls, floors, your vanity, storage options, fixtures and more.

  • Introduce classic textures through finishes and rustic patinas. Shiplap walls, for example, are a great way to give the room an old-fashioned look. For cabinets and mirror frames, wood finishes are another step to get the look. If you want truly rustic, then use distressed wood finishes.
  • Add vintage flair with carefully chosen fixtures. Consider vintage wall sconces. You can also add to the look by choosing faucets, towel racks and other details in classic styles.
  • When assessing farmhouse bathroom products, think about materials. For example, one way to make the room feel classic and cozy is to introduce cast iron to it. Faucets that mimic cast iron (or another vintage material) will help create a cohesive aesthetic, as will smaller elements such as doorknobs and drawer pulls.
  • Complete the room with carefully chosen antiques. These could be any number of items — an old desk converted to a vanity, antique signs to decorate the walls, or even antique shelving.

Advantages of Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Aside from the look, what are the advantages to farmhouse bathroom designs? If you choose the right products and accessories, then there are many, which you can learn more about below:

  • These bathrooms are all about comfort. More contemporary bathrooms can feel breezy or energetic, but a farmhouse bathroom offers a place to relax among charm — perfect for spa days!
  • This type of style lets you get creative with unique storage solutions. Think rustic baskets, distressed ladder shelving, and mason jars or other vintage canisters to store various small items.
  • Farmhouse bathrooms can look cleaner because you won’t find lots of busy patterns on the walls. More current bathrooms often feature sleek, shiny finishes on the vanity and throughout the rest of the room. Those high-gloss surfaces show fingerprints and smudges much more readily than matte and rustic finishes.

One of the best parts of these bathrooms is that they serve as a place to repurpose those old items you might have in the attic or those one-of-a-kind flea market finds you’ve just been waiting to display.

Ready to start your farmhouse bathroom remodel? Be sure to explore Modern Bathroom’s wide range of fixtures and accessories. You’ll find everything you need to create modern functionality with that coveted old-fashioned look.

Industrial Bathrooms — 2020 Style Trends Series

There is a misconception about the industrial style that it can give a space a heavy, dark, unfinished look. The truth, however, is that a well-designed  carries a chic appeal. These bathrooms are modern and sophisticated, and with unique features and composition they bring plenty of visual interest.

It can be a bit confusing to figure out how to fashion a room after this trend — that’s why we’ve prepared this guide. Read on to learn about the hallmarks and advantages of an industrial-style bathroom.

Characteristics of Industrial Bathroom Designs 

If you’re looking for industrial bathroom ideas, the focus is often on creating an urban feel. This trend features clean lines and sharp contrasts. When putting together an industrial bathroom, here are some of the items to bring into the theme: 

  • Use the color black: It can be incorporated into tile, vanities, woodwork and more. You can even find unique industrial bathroom products — such as black tubs — to help draw a sharp contrast.
  • Make metal the star: Stainless steel is a popular choice for frames, cabinet hardware and other fixtures to help give the space that classic industrial look.
  • Subway tile is in: It doesn’t have to be the traditional rectangular tile, either. You can also choose pieces that have the same finish as a subway tile but create visual interest with hexagonal or other patterns.
  • Go rustic: Rough concrete walls, exposed brick and original wood floors do much to give bathrooms an urban feel.
  • Amp it up with distressed finishes: Vanities, shelving, metal with a patina and other distressed items will help pull the look together.

Industrial bathrooms typically place strong emphasis on geometry. Focus on giving the space lots of clean, square lines — but don’t hesitate to soften sharp angles with a curving tub or rounded sink basin.

The Benefits of an Industrial-Style Bathroom 

There are some surprising benefits to this particular style that go beyond a sophisticated look. Industrial bathrooms:

  • Require less cleaning: Finishes in these bathrooms are often matte or distressed, which means you won’t need to spend lots of time polishing streaks out of high-gloss fixtures.
  • Highlight a home’s character: By accentuating existing architectural elements such as original plumbing or exposed brick, you can proudly showcase your house’s unique charms.
  • Keep costs low: An industrial bathroom remodel can be cost effective. Perhaps you won’t need to spend money on new flooring if the original floors can be used. Maybe you can save by opting to leave brick, cement or cinderblock exposed rather than covering it with drywall. 

Industrial bathrooms are a lot of fun to design, especially since they give you a chance to work with details unique to your home. If you’re ready to start shopping for modern industrial bathroom products, you’ll find everything you need at Modern Bathroom. Browse our products for ideas or reach out to us with questions.

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