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5 Reasons You Need A Wet Room

In the world of modern home design, the wet room bathroom is one of today’s hot trends. Unlike a traditional bathroom, this streamlined option features an open layout with fully waterproofed surfaces — there’s no need for a typical shower threshold or enclosure! Wet rooms can save space, add convenience and even make your property more valuable. So, if you’re interested in creating a wet room that will make your home shine, you’re not alone. This design choice is on trend for good reason.

From the allure of an ultra-modern bathroom to the promise of easier maintenance, here are just a few of the benefits wet room designs can bring to your home

    1. Greater accessibility — Whether or not you have someone in your home who needs easier accessibility to the bathroom, installing a wet room ensures your space will be more usable to everyone. Because there’s no threshold or door to the shower, a wet room is ideal for people with limited mobility. Elderly or disabled individuals, for example, can more easily use the shower if they don’t need to step over a threshold or be confined in a narrow stall. Young children also will find an open shower space easier to maneuver.
    2. Easier maintenance — Removing the shower enclosure for a wet room means removing one of the toughest cleaning jobs in most bathrooms. Without doors or thresholds to maintain, all that’s required are normal bathroom cleaners. That makes wet rooms generally easier to maintain than traditional bathrooms.
    3. Maximized space — Whether you choose a wet room with a tub and shower or just a shower alone, the layout naturally creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Without a bulky shower enclosure, the open or glass-walled allows a seamless view through the space. Plus, because a wet room shower takes up little space, it’s a great option for bathrooms that are low on square footage.
    4. A luxurious, modern look — Thanks to its contemporary, stylish look and feel, a wet room transforms a nothing-special bath into one that is luxurious and on-trend. You can use a variety of materials from concrete to wood to stone to create a space that reflects your aesthetic and will add a wow factor to your home.
    5. Enhanced property value — Thanks to the benefits listed above, a wet room adds value to a home. Its waterproofing makes it less susceptibility to leaks and water issues, while its open beauty is a major selling point for potential buyers. Opting for a wet room gives your entire home a modern vibe that today’s marketplace will embrace.

For all these reasons and more, wet rooms make a great addition to any home, so come to Modern Bathroom and get started on choosing fixtures for yours. We’re proud to offer a huge selection of products from trusted brands such as Danze, Grohe, TOTO, Aquatica, Cole & Co., Wyndham Collection® and more. Shop online for fixtures and features to outfit your wet room today!

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10 Essential Decor Items For Every Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is tricky. Your goal is to create an oasis where you can relax and unwind. Yet your bathroom must also be practical and offer storage options — all while reflecting your personal style.

While this may seem like a tall order, Modern Bathroom is here to help! You can achieve a beautiful, new look for your bathroom using our bathroom decor ideas.

1. Greenery

Add life to your bathroom with a potted plant or vase of brightly colored flowers. A bathroom's moisture level makes it an excellent environment for ferns, orchids or succulents.

If you don't have space on your countertop, consider placing a small arrangement to the back of the toilet or adding a hanging plant in a cozy corner. Don't worry if your thumb is brown instead of green. Artificial plants look great, too.

2. Artwork

Many people overlook the importance of bathroom wall decor. Art adds personality, interest and a pop of color to the room. Use your existing space to your advantage. If you have enough room, create a gallery wall, possibly using vintage thrift store finds for a one-of-a-kind look.

If your wall space is limited, opt for statement pieces that make a big impact in a small package. Just make sure your artwork is framed and under glass to protect it from humidity and steam.

3. Countertop Organization

Organization is supremely important to your bathroom's functionality as well as its appearance. Trays keep items you use most often collected in one place, making your vanity look pulled together and polished. Since trays are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can find just the right piece to contain your clutter.

Stash odds and ends like bobby pins and nail clippers in a smaller, decorative box. If you're short on counter space, install a floating shelf between the vanity and mirror where essentials like a bathroom accessories set can live.

4. Lighting

Lighting can make or break your bathroom's decor. It can also affect your mood. When you're trying to create a serene, spa-like vibe in your bathroom, the lighting may be the best place to start.

If you can, eliminate fluorescent lighting. It's harsh and makes your skin and hair take on odd colors. Use softer lights that flatter your features and create a more inviting atmosphere. A layered lighting plan that incorporates overhead light fixtures with sconces and lamps will create just the right ambiance in your bathroom.

5. Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, while adding texture and storage to your bathroom. Use them to store towels; as clothes hampers; for brushes, makeup, curling irons, toiletries; or just about anything else you can imagine. Mount them on the wall to create more space on your countertops or floor.

6. Unique Rugs

Sure, you can pick up a run-of-the-mill bath mat just about anywhere. While these utilitarian workhorses will provide a soft spot for your feet to land, they aren't always the most stylish. Instead of the standard rug, think outside the box.

Opt for a sisal or bamboo rug to add warmth and texture to your bathroom. They're also highly durable and capable of withstanding water and humidity, so they're quite practical, too.

7. Maximize Storage

It goes without saying that bathroom storage is vital. You don't want personal hygiene items strewn about for just anyone to see. Look for storage options that lend function and style to your bathroom.

Don't limit yourself to over-the-toilet shelves or traditional medicine cabinets. Think broader. A refinished, vintage dresser offers ample storage as well as a blank canvas to exercise your creativity. Keep extra toilet tissue in baskets. If space is an issue, affix a "skirt" around a pedestal sink and hide baskets underneath.

8. Get Creative

When shopping for decor and fixtures, don't limit your options to the bathroom aisle. Other household items can easily be incorporated into the bathroom.

A wall-mounted wine rack is a great option for rolled towels. A rustic ladder makes an intriguing place to hang crisply folded towels. A pastel cake stand can be an excellent caddy for bottles and potions. Antique door knobs could also serve as a place to hang towels or washcloths. A lazy Susan adds functionality to your countertop.

9. Upgraded Hardware and Fixtures

An easy way to give your bathroom a facelift is with upgraded faucets and hardware. Simply changing out cabinet knobs and drawer pulls updates your bathroom's entire look. Replacing fixtures and faucets also modernizes an older bathroom with brass faucets that let everyone know your home was built in the 1990s. If you're not handy, you may need to hire a plumber to install the faucets, but the result will be worth it.

10. Accessorize

Put the icing on the cake, so to speak, by adding candles, decorative soaps, vases and other decor pieces that tie your bathroom's look together. The items you select should reflect the overall motif, while staying true to your style.

Upgrading your bathroom is easy when using these creative tips. A good place to start shopping is at Modern Bathroom. With tons of selection and superior service, let Modern Bathroom guide your bathroom renovation project.

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Top Bathroom Color Trends of 2019

The bathroom is one of your home’s most personal spaces and so are the colors you choose for it. Nonetheless, any time you’re thinking about revamping the room, it’s worth paying attention to the popular bathroom colors of the day. Because the bathroom color trends of 2019 offer a lot of variety, they afford plenty of opportunities to both personalize your room and reflect the current style.

How This Year’s Colors Differ from 2018

While 2018 saw bold and edgy colors trending, this year’s best bathroom colors are more focused on natural, optimistic and muted jewel tones. To give you some fresh inspiration for redecorating a bathroom in your home, consider incorporating colors that reflect these trends.

For a nature-inspired look, stick to earth tones and woodland hues such as grays, creams, browns, dark greens and desert-inspired rust. For the energizing appeal of optimistic hues, consider trending bathroom colors such as coral, orange, pink or yellow. This year’s muted jewel tones and dark, moody colors such as deep blues, purples and greens will give your bathroom dramatic flair.

Options for Incorporating Current Color Trends

There are many ways to work popular bathroom colors into your bathroom design, such as:

  • Painting the walls a strong shade — Especially if you want to make a big statement, painting the walls of your bathroom one of the season’s brightest or moodiest shades is a great way to do it. You could go cheerful with yellow or brooding with sapphire, depending on your preference.
  • Adding pops of color — Maybe you’re not ready to use statement shades in the entire bathroom. If so, it might be better to opt for color in small doses. Choose neutral tiles that incorporate a little emerald or coral into their design, for example, or try swapping in colorful accessories such as shower curtains, towels and rugs.
  • Choosing on-trend neutrals — Even if big, bold color’s not your forte, you can still show you’re up on current styles by using neutrals that are popular now. Rather than sterile white walls, for example, consider a gray or beige that reflects this year’s love of earth tones, or go with a creamy color that’s not only in right now but also will stand the test of time.

Where to Go for the Best in Bathroom Products

As you’re planning a bathroom remodel and thinking through bathroom design ideas, there’s no better resource for great products than Modern Bathroom! Shop our selection online to find everything you need at some of the best prices in the industry. We carry products from the top brands, offer free shipping and help you achieve exactly the look you want. Come get inspired with ideas for your new space! 

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Walk-In Shower Vs. Walk-In Tub: How To Decide Which Is Best For You


When it comes to the bathroom, one of the most common questions homeowners have is whether to install a walk-in bathtub or a shower. Both have distinct advantages, so how do you choose? Does it make more sense to add a space-saving shower or should you go with the family friendly tub? 

To help you reach a good decision on the walk-in bathtub vs. walk-in shower conundrum, here’s a look at some advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Bathtub

Unlike a standard bathtub, a walk-in tub has a lower threshold, higher walls, a built-in seat and a door that opens to allow the bather inside. Here’s how it stacks up:

  • PRO — It’s safer and more accessible for elderly or disabled individuals, which makes it an ideal choice for aging in place
  • PRO — It provides greater water depth for a more comfortable, immersive bath experience
  • PRO: Despite its depth, the amount of water used is comparable to traditional tubs
  • PRO: Extras such as handrails, anti-scald valves and non-slip flooring are included
  • CON: You can’t prefill the tub, but rather have to get in, sit down and start adding water. Likewise, you have to empty the tub before getting out.
  • CON: Installation can be pricey.

The Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Shower

Highly on trend today, walk-in showers are stand-alone bathroom features. Because they don’t include a bathtub, they can be narrow and provide more space-saving features than the traditional shower-tub combination. If space isn’t a concern, walk-in showers can be spacious enough for two and include amenities such as steam generators and massaging shower heads. Consider their pros and cons:

  • PRO: Can take up less space, freeing up square footage
  • PRO: Often easier to clean, with fewer areas where water, dirt and grime can collect
  • PRO: On trend, often a selling point
  • CON: Not practical for kids
  • CON: Potential slip hazard
  • CON: Typically more expensive to install

Questions to Consider

For some bathrooms, the choice of whether to include a tub or a shower is easy. Once you consider the pros and cons of each option, it becomes apparent which you want to use daily. For others, however, it can be helpful to think through the following questions:

  • What do you have now? In the case of a remodel, sticking with the layout you have is usually the easiest and least costly option. Sticking with a shower, for example, when that’s what you already have will save you the extra construction work involved in creating a walk-in bathtub.
  • How much space do you have? In a secondary bathroom where space is at a premium, going with a walk-in shower is a great way to open up the floor space.
  • Who uses the bathroom? Whether you’re talking about the master bathroom or a guest bath off the hallway, think about who primarily uses the bathroom. Are they young children or elderly family members? Would they be more comfortable with a shower or a walk-in tub?

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, when it comes to the question of walk-in bathtub vs. walk-in shower, the best choice for you is dependent on several factors. Consider the size of your bathroom, who uses it, what you need and like, and then make your choice!

To find affordably priced, high-quality bathtubs and shower fixtures online, come to Modern Bathroom! Shop our site or contact us today to learn more.

The Optimal Layout For Your Small Bathroom

Limited space doesn’t need to limit your creativity when renovating your home. With the help of these small bathroom ideas, you will achieve the optimal outcome from your remodel.

Get Innovative With Your Fixture Choices

  • Shower — For a less confining shower area, try recessed shower shelving instead of protruding wall shelves. Consider a shower-tub combo instead of a free-standing shower to optimize the space. Another option is to install a shower that has a sliding door instead of a door that swings out. If your bathroom has a small closet, consider a sliding door for that as well.
  • Sink — There is a sink design to fit bathroom layouts of any shape or size. A corner sink will free up bathroom space with its small footprint. You also can find a sink fixture that mounts to the wall, leaving floor space for small items. Floating vanities open up floor space as well, with the added bonus of storage. If counter space is important to you, install a vessel sink instead of a drop-in or pedestal sink, as this design will give you a few extra inches of countertop.
  • Toilet — There are only so many shapes and sizes available, so consider toilet placement in small bathroom designs. Install your toilet adjacent to cabinet and door openings to avoid a cramped space. For shorter toilets, extend the sink counter or shelving over the toilet tank to increase storage and shelf space.

Play With Bathroom Design

  • Color scheme — Use large patterns or a clean, minimalist design. Wallpaper with busy patterns can make your bathroom appear smaller. While bright or soft colors are recommended to make rooms appear bigger, you can also use the same paint color as adjoining rooms or hallways to unite and extend the space.
  • Décor — For small bathroom remodel ideas, limit decorations and knickknacks that may make the space look cluttered. Instead, use midsize statement pieces, such as a painting or an elongated plant to give the appearance of a taller or wider space. Vertical cabinetry can have the same effect.
  • Mirror — Experiment with mirror size and quantity. Depending on what you want to achieve with your space, they can create the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. For example, tall mirrors can make your ceilings look higher, while wall-length mirrors can add depth.
  • Lighting — Recessed lighting is a great option for small bathrooms. Its softer light has a blurring effect on the room’s boundaries while larger lighting fixtures can make it look cluttered. Consider installing windows and skylights to allow as much natural light as possible, which can open up a small space.

Finally, bathrooms add value to homes for resale purposes and are the rooms your family uses every day. Adding a bathroom wherever you can — even a small one — can benefit any home. For more ideas on remodeling a bathroom of any size, take a look at some bathroom designs provided by our customers or contact one of our Modern Bathroom professionals.

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