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Bathroom Vanities Built in an Afternoon

Homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of tackling a remodeling job themselves, or hiring a contractor to manage the work flow, budgeting, and licensing or permit requirements. There are ways to combine both methods during the remodeling of a home or the renovation of a room for optimal efficiency. A contractor can be consulted for quotes and estimates of time and costs. A contractor can also be used as a resource for supplies and some parts of any construction project.

For example, major demolition and significant items like electrical and plumbing should generally be assigned to a licensed professional contractor. But projects such as the installation of cabinets and bathroom vanities can generally be tackled by a homeowner working with an assistant or two. With the availability of custom-made or pre-fabricated cabinets delivered to a homeowner’s front door, a major renovation can be quite affordable. Bathroom vanities are necessary for most family bathrooms, providing for storage and cabinet space as well as a dressing or vanity area.

A homeowner may redesign their bathroom and hire a contractor to handle the work of updating and reworking the existing plumbing and electrical installations. Afterwards, the homeowner and his or her assistants can install many of the room’s fixtures, including new bathroom vanities, themselves. Depending upon the construction skills of the homeowner, projects such as sheetrock, taping, moldings, and trim work can all be handled as well.

Some manufacturers of bathroom vanities also sell pre-fabricated kits, requiring some assembly prior to installation, or they could come completely assembled but without a vanity top or basin included. A homeowner of average skill would be able to successfully assemble and install a kit following the manufacturer’s recommendations in a short period of time.

Renovation projects are within many household budgets if all design and construction choices are investigated and a lot of planning and organization is involved at the very beginning.



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