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Bathroom Vanities are a Designer Focus

If you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you may begin to hear a lot of information about bathroom vanities. These cabinets are really the “star” and centerpiece of the bathroom. While a spa tub or sauna may be the most popular feature of the modern bathroom, bathroom vanities are the most highly used features of the bathroom. Traditionally used as sink, vanity table, linen and supply storage, even as medicine cabinet or cleaner storage, bathroom vanities should be well-chosen as they are permanent fixtures of the bathroom.

Replacing a bathroom vanity often requires a great deal of disruption to the space, including removal of sheet rock, tiles, flooring and even doors. Therefore, it is best to select a well-made piece with a top that has the level of durability and resistance that is required in your bathroom.

For example, modern bathroom vanities used in large and busy households should be designed and topped with material that can withstand wear and tear. It should also be stain resistant to items like mud and paint, as well as providing adequate storage. However, bathroom vanities are not always required to meet such challenges. In fact, there are now fixtures that are almost equal to wall art or sculpture, meant to focus on the homeowner’s design and style preferences.

Clearly there is a huge range of design and material choices, so itemizing personal needs is critical in order to save time and money when purchasing bathroom vanities. Proper measurements, design preferences, appropriate materials, budget limitations, and construction are all important facets a homeowner or designer should take into account when selecting a new unit. A well-chosen vanity can last many years, express the homeowner’s personal tastes and style, and serve as the centerpiece of any type of bathroom design plan.



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