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Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Floor Plans

When redesigning or renovating a bathroom a complete alteration of the existing bathroom floor plan may be desired. However, this should be well thought out before any demolition begins. Items such as bathroom vanities, toilets, tubs, and sinks will require relocation during the project. The surrounding areas will also require heavy carpentry and flooring as well as plumbing and electrical work to be done before, during, and after the project. Such services and items can increase the budget of any building project dramatically.

There are many style options currently available for bathroom vanities and plumbing fixtures, and with a bit of creative thinking and clever use of space, a major renovation can be avoidable. Currently bathroom vanities come in literally any size and shape as well as almost any drawer and cabinet configuration.

Manufacturers build modern bathroom vanities in every design style and out of almost any sort of appropriate material for the bathroom environment. Bulky or outdated bathroom vanities can be removed, with only a bit of disruption to the bathroom environment, and replaced with a single smaller or larger piece. A creative contractor, designer or homeowner may even find a piece of vintage or used furniture to convert into a new bathroom vanity or storage unit to accommodate the new floor plan.

Homeowners should also explore their options in bathroom fixtures. A new top and hardware for existing cabinetry, a new toilet and sink basin in unique colors or treatments, new lighting fixtures, flooring, paint and decorator accents can all dramatically alter the appearance of a bathroom without the hassle and expense of removing the contents of the entire space. If a homeowner is set on completely changing the look of a bathroom then the first place to begin is the bathroom vanity, since these large pieces are traditionally the center and focus of any bathroom.



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