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February 9th through February 29th.

Bathroom Refinishing - An Alternative to an Entire Bathroom Remodel

Over time, your bathroom can take a beating. The countertops can chip, bathtub discolor, and shower stain. However, just because these things have lost their lust, it doesn’t mean you need to necessarily run out and get a new countertop, vanity, and bathtub. Although a new sink and countertop will rejuvenate your bathroom, you might not have the funds for a complete bathroom redo. In this case, you might want to consider bathroom refinishing.

What is Bathroom Refinishing?

Bathroom refinishing is recovering and resealing your bathtub and/or countertop. Basically your bathtub gets resealed and a new coat of paint. For example, if you have an out-dated pink or avocado-green bathtub that’s on the verge of leaking, refinishing your tub allows you to reseal the entire tub (a.k.a. protect it against leaks) and change the color. White is the typical color bathroom refinishing companies and services offer; however there are companies that offer specialty colors. Regardless of the color you get, the end result is a sparkling new bathtub finish without having to fork out the money for a brand new tub. You can do the same for counter tops as well – allowing you to update the look of your bathroom without having to purchase new furnishings.

Is Bathroom Refinishing Better than a New Tub/Countertop?

Bathroom refinishing isn’t for everyone. Although your tub and countertop may look brand new, they’re still your old furnishings, which means the design and style are still the same. If you want to completely redo the look of your bathroom, it’s probably best to get a new contemporary vanity, sink, and bathtub. Some bathroom refinishing companies advise against refinishing sinks. Sinks tend to get more use than other bathroom furnishings; therefore the refinishing doesn’t last as long. So if your bathroom sink is getting old, it’s probably time to replace it with a new one. However you tub and countertops are up for grab.

Here’s How to Decide to Refinish or Buy New

1) Do you like the shape and design your bathtub and countertops?

a. If YES, then refinish

b. If NO, get a new countertop and bathtub

2) Do you like the layout of your bathroom?

a. If YES, then refinish

b. If NO, don’t just buy new – RENOVATE

3) Why do you want to upgrade your bathroom?

a. It’s dirty looking – if this is your reason, refinish

b. It’s out-dated - if this is your reason, get modern bathroom furnishings

c. I’m renting the house/condo- if this is your reason, you can do either. Refinishing will seal and spruce up your current bathroom furnishings, but if they’re out-dated, it might not be enough to attract renters.

Answering these three questions will help you decide whether or not bathroom refinishing is the way to go or if it’s time for new contemporary bathroom furnishings.



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