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February 9th through February 29th.

A New Bathroom Vanity is in the Budget

Quite often a bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom, so it is crucial to choose a piece that works well within the space. Be sure that all doors and drawers can open easily and be completely accessible. You can choose a bathroom vanity that suits your personal design from among the wide selection of styles and prices available on the Internet at reputable bathroom remodeling sites.

There are many online retailers as well as traditional showroom sellers to look for quality bathroom vanities. A visit to a few Web sites or showrooms is a good idea to help in the beginning of your redesign project. Start any search for new cabinetry by knowing exactly what you need and what materials you want. There are all sorts of finishes and materials that manufacturers use in crafting bathroom furniture. There is also a trend in “green” living that has contributed to a huge selection of available environmentally-friendly wood products. Decide if your new bathroom vanity will require a single sink or if you are able to place side-by-side basins in the unit.

Finally, decide what type of top for your bathroom vanity you would like. A bathroom vanity can be topped by everything from slate and stone to marble, tile, glass, or laminate countertop products. It is best to have a general idea of color and style in mind when beginning this process as you may find the number of styles and choices available to be overwhelming.

Look through magazines and style guides to see examples of what others have done with a bit of creative thinking. With a bit of your own creativity and effort, a new bathroom vanity can fit into any bathroom remodel.



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