Keeping Your Shower Clean: Cleaning The Creases

No matter how shiny and sparkling a shower looks when it’s new, ongoing use can quickly transform that modern shower into a dirty space. The fact is, simply using your shower every day fills it with moisture, humidity and soap scum that tends to build up and worsen over time; so before you know it, you have a shower that no longer looks so great. Knowing this, what can you do? How can you keep your shower enclosure in mint condition? Whether you have shower curtains or a glass shower door, what steps can you take to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at the ins and outs of keeping your shower clean.

What Happens to Your Shower Over Time

The first step in keeping a cleaner shower is to accept the fact that you’re going to have to work at it. By the very nature of the way they’re used, showers require thorough cleaning on a frequent basis. That’s because, through regular use, showers accumulate moisture that can lead to mildew or mold, creating not only unsightly areas but also actual health hazards for the people using them.

Products to Gather

To effectively clean a modern shower, you’ll need the following products:

  • Vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Secure a bag of vinegar around your showerhead overnight to instantly restore its shine. Mix vinegar with dishwashing detergent for a quick and effective cleaning liquid to use in the shower any time. Combine vinegar with water to have a powerful, acidic cleanser to combat soap scum.
  • Baking soda. Combining good old baking soda with vinegar and salt creates a strong weapon against mineral deposits in the shower. Let the mixture set a few minutes before scrubbing with water.
  • Squeegee: For glass shower doors, keep an inexpensive squeegee in the shower and use it to wipe the glass every day. Doing so will only take a few seconds, but it will make a huge difference in preventing soap scum from building.
  • Toothbrush: An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into the tiny nooks and crannies of a shower space. Get into the tracks of your sliding glass shower door, around the rim of the drain, or anywhere that’s usually hard to access and clean.

The Key to Killing Mildew

The arch nemesis of any clean shower enclosure is mildew, particularly in shower creases or grout lines. One option to try is a toothbrush dipped in vinegar, used to scrub/remove the mildew. You can also try attacking this problem with a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. For more stubborn areas, soak the mildew in bleach overnight. In any case, take preventative measures to avoid touching or inhaling the bleach fumes, which can be toxic.

Keeping Clean Shower Curtains

Another notorious problem area in terms of bathroom cleanliness is the shower curtain. Some shower curtains can be thrown right in the washing machine; add a little bleach to combat mildew. Others are cheap enough to discard and replace every few months. When you’re looking for a more effective way to fight against mildew, however, try these tips:

  • Saltwater bath. Try soaking the curtain in a saltwater bath for several hours. Afterward, let it thoroughly dry and then rehang it.
  • Uneven edges. Give the bottom of your curtain a little extra protection against mold by using pinking shears to cut its bottom edge. This makes the bottom uneven, helping water drip off and away from the curtain before mold forms.

When you have a beautiful bathroom, you want to keep it clean! Use the tips above to get your shower sparkling — and when you want bathroom fixtures or products to update the bath in your home, come to Modern Bathroom!

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Spring

As the seasons change, so does home decorating — but while replacing a wreath on the front door every season is pretty easy, it’s not always clear how to put a spring touch on a more utilitarian space like the bathroom. You can’t exactly remodel the bathroom vanity fixtures every few months, and repainting the walls every season would get expensive fast. How can you put a fresh touch on your modern bathroom for the new season? Below, consider some ideas for your bathroom this time of year:

  1. Do a Deep Clean. Before redecorating, take a cue from the home tradition spring is most famous for and give your bathroom a good spring cleaning. Getting the bathroom vanity, shower, tub, toilet, tile and light fixtures in gleaming condition is a great way to make the space feel new — ready for your artistic touches.
  2. Change the Artwork. From autumn photographs to red and green Christmas frames, there are lots of ways to use the things you hang on the walls to celebrate the season. In spring, consider hanging photos of green trees, for example, just as in summer you might hang photos of trips to the beach. As long as your modern bathroom walls are neutral, it’s simple to add different accents each season that create a new color scheme. Pick some hues that feel like spring to you, from lots of white to shades of green, and incorporate them into the room’s design. 
  3. Swap Bathmats. Take out the dark, heavy bathmat hues that signaled winter and replace them with lighter, brighter colors for a new spring season. Brightening things up fits with the longer daylight and warmer temperatures of spring, and it turns your bathroom into a cheerier place to spend time. Do the same with your towels and shower curtains — from darks to lights — to make the room feel ready for spring.
  4. Add a New Scent. From the hand soap at the sink to an air-freshening plugin by the counter, there are lots of ways to imbue spring smells in your bathroom to celebrate the time of year. Pick something with a clean smell to highlight what defines this season — something like rain fresh or a floral smell works well.

When you want to give your bathroom a lively spring look, use the tips above to get started. Season touches are a great way to have fun with your home and make it feel more cozy and loved. When little decorating touches aren’t enough to get your bathroom looking good, it may be time for a spring remodel. When it’s renovation that you’re after, come to us at Modern Bathroom for info. From beautiful vanities to modern sinks, we have the bathroom products you need to get your room looking showroom-ready. Contact us today to learn more! 

Gift Guide: Bathroom Luxuries & Relaxation

If your friend or family member enjoys nights spent relaxing in the tub, skip the spa gift certificate and gift them something a little more personal this holiday season. From bath pillows to monogrammed slippers, here are some Modern Bathroom-approved bathroom luxuries that your friend or family member is sure to love. While you’re at it, throw in a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne or a bottle of their favorite wine, because who doesn’t love to sip on some bubbly while relaxing in the tub?

Bath Pillow

If your friend or family member loves to read or meditate while in the bath, they already know there’s nothing worse than having to stop because of a crick in their neck. So instead of being forced to cut their bath time in half, why not purchase them a comfortable bath pillow? The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Bath Pillow features a powerful gripping technology, so the pillow won’t gradually slip into the water with use. Ultra-soft and sooth to the touch, the bath pillow is manufactured from more than 2” of luxurious padded foam. Designed with shoulder and neck support in mind, these non-slip bath pillows are guaranteed to fit any size bathtub.


Clarisonic’s line of sonic face and skin cleansing and exfoliating brushes are the perfect gift for the men, women, or teenagers on your list. Available with customizable brush heads manufactured specifically for reducing dark spots, treating sensitive skin, cleansing deep into pores, prepping the skin for shaving, or treating acne-prone skin, there’s something for everyone on your list in Clarisonic’s line of products. Clarisonic also sells gift sets so you can gift your friend or family member everything they’ll need to get started. Plus, if you sign up for auto-delivery of replacement brush heads, you’ll receive 20% savings and complimentary shipping.

Monogrammed Slippers

If you’re looking for a truly personalized gift, you can’t go wrong with a pair of monogrammed slippers- just double check the spelling of your friend or family member’s first and last name first! (We’re looking at you, Catie spelled with a “C”!) This gift is especially perfect for a newlywed couple and can easily be paired with a matching, monogrammed robe. There are a wide variety of monogrammed slippers available for sale on Etsy, and some can even be purchased in bulk or with a matching robe. For a gift that screams “luxury” head to Nordstrom, choose a pair of premium slippers, and have them monogrammed separately by a local seamstress.

LUSH Gift Set

LUSH is a company known for their line of fresh, all-natural, and organic bath, shower, and make-up products. If the friend or family member on your list is vegan or staunchly opposes animal testing, click on over to LUSH’s website as many of their products are vegan-friendly and every single one is cruelty-free. A perennial LUSH favorite is their line of bath bombs- a ball that you toss in the bath and is exploding with essential oils, flower petals, and tons of fizzy fun. Plus, if you’re too busy (or lazy!) to wrap the gift yourself, LUSH has a huge selection of pre-wrapped gifts that come fully wrapped and ready-to-gift.

Gift Guide: Bathroom Tech & Fun

Everyone has at least one tech geek in their life, so why not surprise them with a techy Christmas present instead of the usual gift card? The gadget-obsessed spend a lot of time thinking about the living room, kitchen, and home security, but an impressive bathroom is just as important as state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Here are some Modern Bathroom-approved bathroom gadgets and gift ideas for the techies on your Christmas list. If you’re tired of gifting American Express gift cards, surprise your friends and family with one of the hi-tech bathroom gadgets below.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

You’ve probably heard that natural light is the best type of light for the bathroom, but what if your friend or family member’s bathroom is sans windows or a skylight? The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror uses an innovative light system to stimulate natural sunlight so men and women alike can see their full color variation. Plus, the mirror automatically lights up when a user’s face approaches the mirror and, since the cordless mirror packs a long-lasting LED that can apparently last for up to 100 years, battery life won’t be a problem. With up to 5X magnification, the mirror will allow your friend or family member to see their entire face all at once or a specific feature in exceptional detail.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Perfect for younger children on your list, the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush makes brushing teeth an enjoyable experience with games, coaching, and real-time feedback. The toothbrush syncs with free Android and iOS apps to keep kids motivated with games, collectable badges, and score levels. Plus, the app will actually teach the child how to brush their teeth properly using built-in 3D motion sensors. Weighing in at less than 2.5 ounces, the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush is compact enough to fit even the tiniest hands. Good brushing habits can limit trips to the dentist and cut back on costly dental expenses- something the child’s parents will be grateful for.

CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad

We all have that one friend who takes their iPad with them everywhere- the bathroom included. To cut back on the ick factor, purchase them a CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad- it’ll keep their hands free and even includes a built-in toilet paper roll holder. The elegant chrome pedestal won’t be an eye-sore in the bathroom, and is sure to seamlessly fit in with all types of décor. The Bendable 10” gooseneck tube allows for multi-directional adjustment, so your friend or family member can adjust the placement of the iPad accordingly. Note: this particular iPad holder is compatible with 2nd-4th generation iPads, and isn’t compatible with iPad Air or Mini.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

If your friend or family member enjoys listening to music in the shower, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker maybe the perfect gift for them. It delivers up to 7 hours of music, news, and more by pairing wirelessly with a Bluetooth enabled device. In addition to providing great sound, the spray face features 60 angled nozzles that deliver the full-bodied spray that’s virtually expected from a Kohler showerhead. For the eco-conscious, the showerhead is available in a water-saving spray that lets you save water without sacrificing performance (or sound!) The attractive, streamlined design of the Kohler Moxie Showerhead is the most chic and useful way to listen to music while in the shower.